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Desktops: Apple IIgs, Macintosh 512k, IIci, IIsi, IIvx, LC, LC III, Color Classic, Centris 610, 650, Quadra 605, 630, 700, Performa 600, 6360, Power Macintosh 4400/200, 7300/200, 9600/200MP, G3 (Beige Tower, 266Mhz), Mac mini (G4 1.42Ghz)

Laptops: PowerBook 100, 165, 180, Duo 230, 540c, 1400c/166, 2300c/100, 2400c/180, 3400c/200, G3 Pismo (500Mhz), iBook G3 (Indigo clamshell, 366Mhz), G3 (12-Inch, 500Ghz), G4 (12-Inch, 1.33Ghz)