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Ontario, Canada


Restored / Working: Apple ][+, 512k (fat 128k), Apple //c (255 ROM), Apple //c (4X ROM), Beige Plus, Beige Plus w/ Novy Quick30, SE (Dual 800k), Apple IIGS Woz, Platinum Plus, Platinum Plus w/ Novy Quick30, Portable (5120), IIci, PB 100, PB 140, PB 170, PB 160 (x2), PB 145, PB 145B, PB 180, PB 190cs, iMac G3 Bondi Rev A., iMac G3 Indigo, Power Mac G4 733 (Quicksilver), iBook G4 (Late 2004), Mac Mini G4 (Early 2005), Mac Pro 1,1/1,2 2.33GHz w/ Radeon Sapphire HD 7950
Current Projects: SE/30, LaserWriter II NTX, StyleWriter II, PB 5300cs