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    Netatalk 2.2.7 Released

    Awesome. Thanks for your hard work !
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    PowerMac G5 Quad "The New Blood Mod" - A guide to flushing, modifying and refilling the dual-pump cooling system.

    Just worked on mine today. One half looked like it leaked and there was not enough coolant. Although even using gravity, I couldn't manage to get any liquid to flow through the pump. (it was running). I was able however to blow air through all the system and that went fine. At this point i'm...
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    Mac SE ADB Controller

    More like battery bombed. IIRC the ||gs ADB controller is closer to the Portable / early PowerBooks ones. It's suspected to be a M50740 as well.
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    PB 165 clock madness

    I have this on all My PowerBook 180s. From what I've been told The PRAM battery is dead which is shorting some part of the RTC. All of this is located on the Jedi board. (The board interconnecting the screen and the logic board). Il theory, replacing the battery fixes this but I've never tried...
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    A 32-bit PowerPC compute module in 2023?

    Looks nice ! NXP is still pumping out MPC8313s from factory, so take your time and have fun with this one. If performance is an issue, you have plenty of faster MPCs to choose from anyway. Keep us updated
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    NuBusFPGA: HDMI on NuBus Macs

    Very interesting. Small question here: what is the interrupt or even DMA on a simple memory mapped RAMDisk used for with MacOS ? All the implementations I know (on 512k/Plus type hardware) were just memory mapped
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    Beige G3 in a PC case

    You absolutly do not need to remove the onboard video connector. Just cut the case between the back bezel and the first PCI slot, OR move upwards the logic board and cut there. Check my build here ...
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    VID-14 from PowerBook 520 to VGA display

    Hello, The video system on your PowerBook 520 is spaced to drive a VGA screen at 640x480 or 800x600 (8 bits only tho) However you need two daisy-chained adapters to achieve that: - PowerBook Display Adapter (part number 590-0831-A). That will gives you a Standard Mac DB15. - Mac DB15 to VGA...
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    The Performa 6200 wasn’t really a road Apple - here’s why:

    Totally correct. The 68030 bus was used by devices who didn't need better (well maybe Ethernet could use better, but MacOS wasn't able to handle faster rates on that CPU anyway). I've three of them (5200/6200/5320), while running them with the stock 7.5.1 is a fine field, 7.5.5 is a little...
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    How To Tell 64k ROMs from 128k (Plus) ROMs via IC Markings

    342-0220-B and 342-0221-B are second revision of the 64k Mac ROM
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    NuBusFPGA: HDMI on NuBus Macs

    That's some nice scores ! Yeah sure the score is an average, but it's kinda neat anyway. Does the RAMdisk need some sort of Declaration Trickery ? Or is it only software ?
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    Difference between IDE controller on 1997 beige G3 and 1998 beige G3

    Rev 1 also here : 00:10.0 Unassigned class [ff00]: Apple Inc. Heathrow Mac I/O (rev 01) Flags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 32, IRQ 21 Memory at f3000000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=512K] Kernel driver in use: macio
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    TashTwenty: Single-Chip DCD (Hard Disk 20) Interface

    Well that was an idea at some point, but there was (female) DB-19 availability issues (and IRL issues) Yeah Tash20 needs to be first, otherwise that will not work. It's not a real passthrough, the PIC in Tash20 will select the floppy drive as well. I will try a design in a few months if free...
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    Difference between IDE controller on 1997 beige G3 and 1998 beige G3

    Maybe. I didn't check it, it was "from memory"
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    Difference between IDE controller on 1997 beige G3 and 1998 beige G3

    This is a relatively know issue. Rev-A have a "faulty" IDE controller, which doesn't support all of the IDE specs. For example, a REV-A logic board doesn't support slave devices. Rev-B fixed most of that, that needed a new ROM as well.