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    TashKM: ADB Daisy-Chained Keyboard/Mouse Controller

    60 mA is ok on the host side. The Optométries that you are using are easting like 15 mA per circuit + something like 5mA for the other end. It's really reasonable with the PIC running. I would keep that circuit to avoir ground loop and weird stuff, because we are talking plugging things on...
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    Making modern iMac G3 Mezzanine peripherals

    Unfortunately reversing stuff from "recent" hardware is more difficult. You need more expensive hardware (logic analyser, scopes)... The weird thing about components is that "older" components are still available while more recent stuff is not. For example, the SCSI Chip from the Mac SE/30 is...
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    Best Quicksilver Graphics Card?

    If you are going with OS X, you can look at beefier cards the following are quite nice if you need an ADC Port: - Radeon 9000 Pro from a MDD (low performance, but accelerated on OS 9) - Radeon 9600 Pro or XT from a G5 (CTO option, more rare) - Radeon X800 XT (CTO option, rare as well) Without...
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    Powerbook 180 ac adapter

    If the barrel size of your Sony is the same, it should work. If it helps, I grabbed compatible ones on Amazon from a decent price. Example here
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    Powerbook 180 No Boot

    Good job with the fuse ! Some Macs doesn't show the flashing folder IF the SCSI bus is stuck by some device.... which may be your case. I suspect that you will see the flashing disk if you remove the SCSI drive. For the drive, you will want something like a BlueSCSI PowerBook edition, but...
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    7100 with various problems, namely no video

    @MrFahrenheit That looks very clean, good job. Did you had any issues with caps goo all over the place ? I've seen this with 6100s and 7100s
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    TashTalk: Single-Chip LocalTalk Interface

    Good job on building this ! I hope it will give birth to more interesting software. I will pass for now, too much stuff on the todolist. Will follow though !
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    Cloning the MicroMac MMXL99 LC-LCII-CC

    22V10s are more difficult to dump. If its simple combinational that could be easy, if it's registered or other complex thing it will need a dump, which may not be possible if it's registered. Can you trace where the pin1 of the GAL go ?
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    Powerbook 180 No Boot

    I can attest that the 180 will boot with a bad PRAM or without one. I may check with another power adapter. Some do show 7.5V at 0amps, but as soon as you need power, the voltage will drop.
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    Quack: Bluetooth & ADB Mouse "Dongle" for the Macintosh 128/512/Plus

    Small update ! About Bluetooth to ADB I've redone the testing and hit the same limitations when trying to do Bluetooth to ADB (Bugs in the SDK + Oscillations in the ESP module). Another issue hit another problem in which the ESP32 does consume in bursts of 500 mA. The average consumption may...
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    Quadra 650 dead...but PSU works

    Does it start with a Keyboard ?
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    Mac Classic in possibly dead state.

    For a battery leakage this isn't too bad. Its does need a recap indeed. I agree with cheesy, the error with the NMI is ok. Every old-world Mac does it. What does it do without pressing the interrupt button ?
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    ROMinator Update

    I really like the Silkscreen with improved markings. Very readable, looks like a more professional product. Good job !
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    PB100 Strange Memory Slot Board

    My bad. I though you were saying another thing (non native english speaker here)
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    Netatalk..."The disk is locked"

    Two things: - Either the share is now readonly on netatalk (can you share your atalkd.conf ?) - Internal Netatalk errror. That can happen if the database is corrupted/need repair/was opened by two process at once. You will have to dig through netatalk logs.