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    Looking for scheduled reboot utility

    KeepItUp would "click" dialog windows to prevent a server from being paused while waiting on a keypress. I think it would also reboot the machine. I don't remember if it did any kind of scheduled rebooting. I do remember scheduled reboot utilities, but can't recall any names at the moment...
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    Einstein (Newton Emulator)

    Will the Linux version run on a Raspberry Pi?
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    Running a MacSE/30 without an analog board?

    I'm glad this thread came back to life as I hadn't seen it before. I have an extra Mac Plus logic board with no analog board or CRT or anything else and it would be nice to be able to build something with it that could use a modern display.
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    A silly guy want to hook up his //c monitor to his Mac mini but failed

    No, the OP said a "RCA to hami" convertor which we assume to mean "RCA to HDMI". That is not the same as HDMI to RCA. The OP would need the latter as opposed to the former to use the monitor with a Mac mini.
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    Seeking beta testers for Mac Sync-inator VGA sync converter

    IMHO, the post office (and UPS and FedEx) are all worse now than they were 20-30 years ago. I wonder if it's because, back when they started to become computerized, the people that did the sorting and delivering all knew their stuff and that, nowadays, people are too dependent on computers and...
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    Seeking beta testers for Mac Sync-inator VGA sync converter

    If you end up needing more beta testers, I'd be interested. I have a bag of Mac-to-VGA adapters, a couple older VGA monitors and more than a few Macs and I don't think I have gotten either of the monitors to work with any Mac using any of the adapters.
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    CRTs and the future of compact Mac preservation

    In the interface, would there be a way to "code" it such that the 512x384 is centered on the display and the excess pixels are simply blacked out? Perhaps that would be more usable for 640x480 screens, which would leave 64 pixel margins top and bottom and 48 pixel margins on the sides. With...