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    Virus/Malware/Ransomware Software for Older Systems?

    On some of my older systems, I had stuff like MacScan and ClamXav, which are probably no longer updated given that I think both have now gone to subscription models. Don't know if they support updating older versions anymore anyway. Anyway, the point is that I am wondering if there is anything...
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    Basilisk II - Full Screen Issues

    I have a Basilisk II install using a disk image from my PowerBook. I can get it working in a window, but when I go full screen, it will crash or not start or otherwise have issues. I've tried removing all the PowerBook-related stuff, but that hasn't worked. I've tried one-by-one removing...
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    System 7 Questions

    Thanks. I'll let you know. I must have them though because one or two drives in my Basilisk setup have System 7.5.5 installed and I believe those were clean installs (either straight 7.5.5 install or 7.5.3 install then upgraded to 7.5.5) as I don't have any disk images from actual hard drives...
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    StuffIt 5.5 doesn't always extract .sit files fully

    After re-reading . . . Since you're getting a .DS_Store file, I bet it might have been created with a Mac OS X version of StuffIt and the classic StuffIt versions maybe don't understand it.
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    StuffIt 5.5 doesn't always extract .sit files fully

    Are you using StuffIt or StuffIt Expander? Try using the opposite of what you've been using to see if it makes a difference. Or, try an older version of StuffIt Expander, like 3.x. I remember keeping multiple versions on hand because some versions could open files the others could not, and...
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    Help getting started with retro software development

    As I recall, CodeWarrior was pretty much the gold standard for a period. I had (well, still have) it on my PowerMac 7500. And you definitely want ResEdit. I had a FirstClass BBS and to create icons for different forums and boards and stuff, you used ResEdit on your settings file. I did over...
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    System 7 Questions

    Does anyone remember the filename of the 7.5.5 installer or upgrader? I have install disk floppies for System 7.5.3 but, in Basilisk, I have a virtual hard drive that has System 7.5.5 on it. So, I must have the installer or upgrader somewhere, but I cannot find it and variations of "7.5.5" or...
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    Sound Formats?

    I have a number of sounds (mostly short sound clips from assorted sources as well as ones I recorded myself) from the System 7 days.  Most of these are in the SND format that I think was the Mac's default format.  They worked as system sounds and double-clicking them would auto-play the sound. ...
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    Troubleshooting B&W G3 - No Image

    So, I was going to ask for recommendations for a display for a Blue & White G3.  I booted it up so I could see what resolution I ran it at so I could get a display that would work at that same resolution.  Except that I booted it up, and nothing shows up on the display.  I know it's...
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    Power Mac 8600 & ATI Rage 128 Mac Edition PCI

    Does anyone know if the ATI Rage 128 Mac Edition PCI would be compatible with a Power Mac 8600?  All I've been able to find online is that it requires Mac OS 8.0 or higher and a 33 MHz or 66 MHz PCI slot.  A PM 8600 can run Mac OS 8 or higher, so no problem there, but I've not found anything on...
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    Emulators that Run Well on Catalina?

    Okay, so it's not quite 2020 yet, but fairly close.  <-- Wow.  The editor saved this unfinished post; evidently, I intended to post this a long time ago. I am curious what are the best options for emulating older Macs on current Macs macOS Catalina? I have had good luck running Basilisk II...
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    Iomega Zip 100 Drive Click of Death Repair?

    I know from firsthand nearly extensive (unfortunately) experience that Iomega Zip 100 drives tend to eventually succumb to the dreaded "Click of Death."  If you're lucky, if you can call it "lucky," only a Zip disk will be affected.  But, sometimes the drive itself succumbs and becomes unable to...
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    Display Feet? (iBook G4)

    I noticed that, when open, the upper right and left corners have holes with the remnants of what I assume were feet of some kind to keep the v case from touching?  Maybe to prevent the keyboard touching the screen or to prevent scratches?  Regardless, they are gone. Were they just rubber feet...
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    Dummy Batteries? (iBook G4)

    Are there dummy batteries available for the iBook G4 (or other PowerBook/iBook) models? I am presuming the battery in mine is dead.  Doesn't seem to want to charge.  Mind you, I only had the computer on for under ten minutes but still I would think maybe it would have gone from 0% to maybe 1%...
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    Any Apple IIc Users, Old and New?

    I hope this is okay to ask this here . . . I have a newsletter that I put out at least once a year.  (My current subscribers get a PDF edition for free when the newsletter is released and I offer printed copies and back issues for sale.)  It's not about computers but more eclectic in nature...