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Feb 5, 1975 (Age: 47)
San Francisco


Vintage Mac Collector and restoration. Former Apple Inc Employee and Certified Technician (from mid 1990’s) Do some board level repairs, recapping and retrobrighting Vintage Mac’s.

Primary Machines
Mac Pro 2013 12-Core 2.7GHz. 2TB SSD
MacBook Pro 16” 2020 8-Core i9 2.4GHz, 2TB SSD
iPad Pro 11” with Pencil and Magic Keyboard

Pismo G4 500MHz, SSD
Lombard G3 333MHz x2
Wallstreet G4 500MHz
540c w/117 MHz PPC & SCSI2SD
TiBook G4 1GHz with SSD
Duo 280c with Duo Dock II+

Classic Macintosh’s:
Color Classic “Mystic” 33MHz 68040, SCSI2SD 16GB SDD
Color Classic -tock x2
Macintosh TV - stock (dead logic board)
LC 575 - stock
LC 550 - stock
Twentieth Anniversary Mac w/Sonnet L2G3 Upgrade
PowerMac 6500
(and a bunch more in storage
iBook G3’s
Tangerine x2, Graphite, Indigo