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    Transwarp GS clone made again

    We're in luck! Reactivemicro.com is going to make more of the Transwarp GS accelerator clones this summer and they are taking pre-orders now at TranswarpGS pre-order ! Placed an order (i hapened to have money after selling other retro stuff) and can't really wait to get in hold of one.  These...
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    New Accelerator for Apple II-series soon available!

    FASTchip //e from a2heaven.com preview sample copy preview now at : http://finapple.hho.fi/finapple/index.php/2017/06/15/im-going-fast-with-fastchip-e/ It's low energy consuming Accelerator card for Apple //-series with acceleration from 0 to 16.6Mhz. You can stop the CPU, or by using rotary...
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    Passport - software for Apple II

    With new software "Passport" by famous Apple II hacker/cracker "4am" you can verify your vintage Apple II - floppies and if needed, crack them automaticly. It wont support all protection schemes yet, but it's an start for sure. Download: https://archive.org/details/Passport4am Available in...
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    Software backup/Imaging suggestions?

    Posted this on FB, but not everybody's there so here..   Any software suggestions for imaging / reading Macintosh 3.5" disks (400k, 800k and 1.4Mb) more deeply than just using i.e. Diskcopy?    Have hundreds of disks to image/read and would like some more "bit-level" software to get it done.  ...
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    New Apple II game : "Retro Fever"

    By Brandon Bogle and Brian Picchi! Great idea for an game! I just dropped to the floor when i saw this :D Download the diskimage from: http://tanrunomad.com/official-games/ (or support the developers and buy the zip-bagged disk with manual!) and youtube video at : I am so happy there's...
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    Cosmo's latest . . .

    Picked an another book, an ex library book, for few euros, Business in Action: APPLE - macintosh - the computer that changed everything Printed 1997 by William Gould, in English, 98 pages about the history of Apple and the products.
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    Modern monitors for Apple IIGS

    Got the cable yesterday and tested it. It worked great, very very slight ghosting but really, it's berely notiseable. I am veeeery happy! It's been a quite task to get the IIgs running: - 115 -> 230V PSU conversion / rebuilt - Memory expansion card soldering/repair to work with 4MB -...
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    New Apple ][ game "Lamb Chops!"

    I am not releated to the game developer, but just wanted to people to take a look of a new Apple ][ game developed by Brian Picchi. Youtube video: The disk image download: http://tanrunomad.com/wp-content/uploads/disks/LAMBCHOPS.do And even an physical 5.25" disk you can buy...
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    Modern monitors for Apple IIGS

    Tested tonight with friend's custom made Scart cable and the result was even better than using the adapter with better component cables! He'll make me an cable i just provide the parts to him. Brilliant! The IIGS was running in 60hz mode, did not try 50hz this time. Got the 4MB RAM working as...
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    Modern monitors for Apple IIGS

    With Nishida Radio's analog rgb-component-adapter, IIGS outputs fairly decent picture to Samsung TV/display using, i had only composite, cables. Have not yet tried to trim the color's or used better component cable.
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    Apple //e PAL machines and color

    For those users, who might have an Apple //e PAL machine, just an note that if you're having trouble with colour output, take a look of the motherboard. There's an dip switch in the middle-right end of the board (see picture) where you can choose OSC1<->OSC2 oscillator. I had very...
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    Component Video Card for Apple IIe

    While browsing and ordering an Analog RGB Component adapter for Apple IIGS, i notised he had made also new products like Component Video Card for Apple IIe (supports only NTSC at the moment) as well 64k/80 column card as well on prototype stage, Unidisk...
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    Modern monitors for Apple IIGS

    What CRT or LCD monitor, if not Apple original, you are using with your IIgs? I am looking into possibility running mine with Samsung 17" LCD TV model with Scart-connector (analog rgb). Found one Samsung Syncmaster 741MP 17" LCD TV wich is still 4:3 and has all the connectors expect hdmi of...
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    Cosmo's latest . . .

    Bought an OSX 10.1 Puma in retail box for 10€, even per say, i'm not collector of original software but i am sucker for good-old-boxed software boxes if the price is right. Now i kind of need other OSX versions boxed too. Only have actually, if my memory serves me right, 10.3, 10.4 (server?)...
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    Macintosh SE expansion card?

    What expansion card is that on Macintosh SE ? Looks like DIN connector to me.