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    RaSCSI Development Thread

    RaSCSI drive and Dayna SCSI/Link. Works great! This is connected to my IIfx file server over Localtalk (printer port) and my 68k Netatalk share on my WD NAS at the same time with no issues. Netscape 3.04 works too (just barely). Using a RasPi 2.
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    Classic upgrades

    I've had this Classic since my mom bought it in 1990. I recapped the logic and analog boards and found it to be as limiting as I remember. So, when an opportunity to grab a Classic II board came up I jumped at it. Recapped that board yesterday and she's looking good. Still running the OS off...
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    Sweet IIfx

    This was my dream computer when I was a kid, though I never thought I’d actually own one.  It’s still a beast!
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    VRAM SIMMs for Macintosh Display Card 4•8

    Hello, I've recently acquired a Macintosh Display Card 4•8 as a companion for the 8•24GC in my IIfx.  Are the 64-pin 256k VRAM SIMMs for this card available anywhere, or are they basically unobtainium at this point? Thanks, Casey
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    Classic screen trouble after analog board recap

    So I checked the voltages again, and after recapping my 5V and 12V lines were low.  Adjusted them properly and the screen wiggle is gone.  Unfortunately, the "folded over" section of the screen is still there, and I haven't found any troubleshooting guide that mentions a problem like this.  Are...
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    Classic screen trouble after analog board recap

    Greetings fellow 68kMLAers!  I have a Mac Classic that has had a bit of a screen wiggle during network activity and other power draws, so I went through the analog board and replaced (almost) all of the caps.  I've previously replaced the logic board caps as well.  Well...after doing that, the...
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    NCSA Telnet 2.6

    Now we're getting somewhere!
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    NCSA Telnet 2.6

    Hello, I'm trying to run a telnet client under System 6.0.8.  I haven't been able to open any of the .hqx archives from Macintosh Repository, Macintosh Garden, etc for NCSA Telnet 2.6 using either Stuffit Expander 5.5 or Fetch 3.0.3 (using a different machine and System 7.6.1).  Do I need...
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    A/UX install from SCSI2SD

    Sweet, I got this working this morning with a SCSI2SD CD-ROM device.  I set up device 2 as a hard disk, initialized it with HD SC Setup, mounted the boot disk image, and copied the files to the SCSI2SD disk.  Boots up and installs! SCSI2SD CD-ROM settings below:
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    A/UX install from SCSI2SD

    Hello, I’m trying to install A/UX on my IIfx.  I don’t have a CD-ROM drive, so I’ve set up one device on a SCSI2SD as a CD-ROM (2048/400000/781MB) and wrote the A/UX iso to the card using dd.  In System 7.6 I can see the CD-ROM device in SCSIProbe, but I can’t mount it.  The A/UX install disk...
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    Hermes BBS install

    Hello all, I have a newly restored iifx up and running, and I'd like to use it to run a Hermes BBS so a few of my old friends can relive our 2400 baud glory days (though with telnet now).  I've downloaded Hermes II 3.5.9 and 3.5.10b3 from hermesbbs.com, and both of them hang during install at...