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    Which new Mac is the right one for me?

    I think I answered the point about the stuff not being on board already (in short, I prefer the form factor), but since you asked about titles: ... here's what's on it. There's actually more than what's here, but I haven't hacked Nanosaur yet (it's the iMac version and it has a lockout), and...
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    New old poster!

    Quick, before it self-destructs! http://www.floodgap.com/iv/1823
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    iMac G3 ... with a little sumthin' extra.

    So today I picked up a blueberry iMac G3 (tray-loading 333MHz) as a board and system spare for my strawberry iMac which I plan to put in the music/guest room, but it came with a bonus ... not only was it in the proper (if wrong colour) iMac G3 box, it also sported a 600MHz Sonnet HARMONi card...
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    Classic Mac OS will survive Y2038 (and maybe longer)

    One of the bugs I fixed in Classilla 9.3.2 was an issue with cookies far in the future overflowing the 32-bit time value in the classic Mac OS. Interestingly, this value is unsigned, unlike the regular time_t in OS X, which is signed. It is well-known that 32-bit time_t values have a Y2038...
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    Classilla 9.3.2

    Posted to the macos9 mailing list:
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    I really liked bbraun's Toy Room, so I did one of my own. These count as conquests, right? http://www.floodgap.com/etc/machines.html
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    Philips hue

    I picked up the Philips hue wireless lights to play with, and, well, they're not cheap, but they sure are cool. Especially since they can be directly manipulated through HTTP, so I threw together a command line tool for that. http://www.floodgap.com/software/huepl/ It's really fun to control...
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    Classilla 9.3.1

    Posted to the Mac OS 9 list.
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    TAM gets buzzed, joyrides in my car, texts Lindsay Lohan for

    I'm testing Classilla 9.3.1 out this morning on the TAM by posting to 68KMLA from it (yes! :) more later). I'm noticing the more I use the TAM, though, that it develops a really annoying buzzing like the system bus is leaking into the audio. It doesn't happen right away; a hard power down...
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    OMAN: Power Mac citizens, time to infest App.net!

    If you are like me and paid your $50/yr (well, I paid for developer tier, so $100/yr) for App.net, then dang it, there should be a Power Mac client. It's basic, but it works. http://www.floodgap.com/software/oman/ I'm @doctorlinguist there. Rawr.
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    not a Mac: HP Visualize C8000

    Picked up a HP Visualize C8000 for a nice price, the last of the HP-UX PA-RISC workstations. This one is well-equipped with a FireGL-UX card (the same as the ATI professional FireGL series), dual-core 1.1GHz PA-8900 CPU and a gig of RAM. I'd have it booted and ready to show, but it does not like...
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    Rockwell AIM-65

    Purchased from a fellow collector. This is a 6502-based system with an LED display and a printer (both 20-column), essentially an upgraded KIM-1. This unit has an assembler and BASIC as well, and is obviously in great shape. I love these 6502 trainers. http://www.floodgap.com/iv/1601
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    Disk Tools floppy that can boot a TAM

    All of the Disk Tools floppies (7.6, 8.0 and 8.1) I have tried on my TAM crash it. Does anyone have a *floppy* image that boots a TAM or know of one? Yes, I can boot it from CD, but I want to create a boot floppy for a project.
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    Bad news: MacClip Jr tanks with 601 card

    I was hoping that the 601 Power Macintosh card in my Quadra 800 would go from 66 to 80MHz when I clockchipped the Q800 from 33 to 40 (since it will run at 80 in the 840AV). Alas, after a startup sound and a pause, it then goes into the chimes of death. (Incidentally, since I don't see this...
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    Found in the bowels of my storage lockers

    So it's not so much conquest as "repossession" 8) I had totally forgotten I had these. - A boxed Newer Technology MacClip, which I bought in a liquidation sale "just in case." This is going on my Q800, which will bump the CPU from 33MHz to 40MHz, and the 601 card from 66MHz to a blistering...