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    Let's talk Nubus DOS cards...

    Not that I'm aware of. I guess you could hack it into MacBochs.
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    Mac OS 8 - 8.6 -- Are you a Fan?

    Aha. But nice to know they "just work" in 7.6. I bet the System7Today guys loved it. :)
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    Power Mac 7300/180

    Very nice! The 7300 is my favourite beige Power Mac (it noses past the 7600 based on nostalgia and my sources at Apple say it has a couple hardware kinks ironed out from the 75/7600). I have a large number of them. Lots of upgrade possibilities, runs Mac OS and NetBSD with only minor fiddling...
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    Mac OS 8 - 8.6 -- Are you a Fan?

    I'm intrigued: what hack? That said, Q3A was fine on my 7300 with 9.1, a Rage Orion (Rage 128) and a G3/500, so I don't know how much the OS plays into that. (It has a G4/800 now, so it's even better. 8-) )
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    Mac OS 8 - 8.6 -- Are you a Fan?

    You've got a gap in there, though. What about upgraded 1st/2nd gen PPCs?
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    G4 processor swaps

    ... except, as mentioned, the Xserve, but that's because the Xserve is really just a pumped-up MDD in a funny box.
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    Finally, a LUNCHBOX!

    Wow. Kaypro flashback!
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    Quadra 605

    What he said. Two words: O2 cracks I'm the contrarian here; I've never particularly liked the Q605 case, though I *love* the Q605 as a computer. I replaced it with an '040, stuck an LC III shell on it }:) , and installed NetBSD.
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    Powerbook 540c, Possible to get USB?

    The cage from the Pismo will not work. In fact, it probably won't even fit.
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    1/2 AA 3.6volt (less than) $1 buck ea. - /w catch.

    Is the battery soldered on?
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    All CD-Rom drives in my iMacs RevA are broken

    Of the three trayloader drives in the three iMac jawbones I have here, one will not read a particular type of CD-R, one will not read another type. The one in the iMac G3 seems to split the difference. The fruitBooks use the same trayloader and it has some of the same balkiness.
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    Identify this iMac, if possible

    That or a short. My first iMac G3 (see other thread) did that, then one night went berserk, emitted a massive spark-crack and wouldn't power up again after that. (It also blew out the CX5M on the same circuit, which really p*ssed me off.) This new one doesn't do it, but I imagine it's a matter...
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    MIDI router for OS9?

    Yep. Use OMS. Free, too (also comes with ProTools Free if you have that). My music iMac uses OMS.
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    68-pin to 50-pin adapters question

    I don't see why not.
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    Essential Software for a G4 Mac running Tiger

    May I say that Shadowkiller makes a *huge* difference on G3s. My iMac G3 is very snappy in 10.2.8 with Shadowkiller (whereas without it it's rather poky). It's worth the initially jarring window change.