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    Mac LC and DB15 to VGA adapter problem...

    Agreed, this definitely looks like either bad VRAM or something on the path to it. I don't have access to any schematics for the LC but a couple of perhaps useful observations based on the LC II schematic: The VRAM does have 16 data lines to it, at least if I'm reading this schematic right, so...
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    Lobos board (Strange Apple ROM)

    I have working SE/30s and a IIsi in Wiltshire, if that's any closer/more convenient than max is...
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    Lobos board (Strange Apple ROM)

    Oh, right. So a loose CRT isn't going to be much user to you, then. Sigh.
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    TashTalk: Single-Chip LocalTalk Interface

    Yeah, the LToUDP protocol doesn't require it because we've already got a UDP checksum in the packet header, and there's no point making the receiver calculate another checksum, especially a perverse one. This is, I'll admit, partly because I looked at the SDLC CRC in Inside Appletalk and just...
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    TashTalk: Single-Chip LocalTalk Interface

    Yeah, we talked about this on IRC if I remember correctly and my recollection lines up with yours. Yes, the CRC is part of the framing not part of the packet and on the SCC I'm fairly sure would be checked in hardware. This is why LT uses the weird IBM SDLC CRC, not any kind of sensible...
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    Lobos board (Strange Apple ROM)

    Do I remember that you're in the UK? If so, I have a spare CRT you can have if we can work out how to get it to you safely, don't think I have a working spare PSU though. Do you have an AB? edit: hmmmmm, I'm not sure if I've got a spare yoke or not. Will have to check...
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    Boxed Color Classic!!!

    Oh, very nice, and in nice nick, also.
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    Attempting to install BeOS 3.1 from original CD on Power Mac 7600/132

    Hanlon's razor probably applies here.
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    Lobos board (Strange Apple ROM)

    That's definitely a thing I've never seen before. Where on earth did you find this? :D
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    TashTalk: Single-Chip LocalTalk Interface

    Oh, belatedly, we can add the 3peak TP75176E-SR to the list of transceivers known to work with TashTalk (that's what's on the prototype AirTalks)
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    TashTalk: Single-Chip LocalTalk Interface

    That's a classy packing job. Nicely done.
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    Building an internal grayscale card for the SE/30

    I helped take some stuff to bits at the beginning of the project but I've been less use in putting it back together, unfortunately (largely due to having neither the original card nor much time at the moment)
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh Plus PCB

    I think you're talking about @aeberbach's rather cool project?
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    Doctorin' the Tardis (and Timelord): The Revived AppleTalk Time Server

    That's a great find, well done. Do you feel like uploading that to the Garden or shall I? (https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/tardis-and-timelord)
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    Macintosh LC with Pico-PSU boots without -5v ?

    Ohhh, I had conflated options 2 and 3. OK, that makes more sense now.