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    LC575 Analog Board Troubleshooting

    Hello all I have now managed to "brick" two analog boards in the process of doing recaps. I've had good luck with all my other recaps but these seem jinxed. The first came up properly (logic board and hard drive) but I had forgotten to connect the high tension led to the CRT. This bodged...
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    GHz TiBook not seeing battery?

    I just bought a 1GHz titanium, which, although cosmetically challenged, seems to function pretty well. With one exception, of course. It absolutely refuses to run off battery power. I have a working 500MHz VGA and an 867 tibook, so have a couple of batteries to play with. It seems like it can...
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    LC575 Analog Board failure

    Hi all. Was wondering if anyone has ever made the mistake of powering up one of these puppies leaving the anode cap disconnected by mistake? I did this recently following a recap. Powered it up for the first time, computer booted and made all the right noises but display was dark. After thinking...