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    LC575 No Screen and Death Chimes

    Hi Nev, I am working in the same circumstances. I am hoping we might work together. Which IC is the Egret? Following recap of my LC575’s LB and AB (and U/S cleaning of the LB and confirming the AB works with my LC520), I have found potential problems on my logic board: the memory chip...
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    A1036 PSU conversion to 1400, 2400, 3400, G3 Series, Lombard, Pismo Power Supply

    Thanks for the reply. :) Because third-party manufacturers have produced compatible power supplies, I am hoping to find a source.
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    1400/iBook G3 Power Adapter Plug

    I am searching for the same plugs. No success searching google and calling local suppliers.
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    A1036 PSU conversion to 1400, 2400, 3400, G3 Series, Lombard, Pismo Power Supply

    I have several 45W A1036 power supplies for G4 iBooks with the 7.7mm/3.5mm round plugs that I want to convert to 9mm/3.5mm round plugs for my older PPC PowerBooks. Ideally, I would make small female to male cables to go between the A1036 PSU and my PowerBooks. Does anyone know the correct name...
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    840AV identify missing IC @ U9

    Update: I scanned the 840AV YouTube videos by Branchus Creations To look for screens of the U9 IC.   I was able to screen capture two examples which look to indicate it’s a TI - 2082C.  I was able to find similar on Digi-Key, TLE2082CD...
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    840AV identify missing IC @ U9

    Newbie alert!   I need your help. If you are adept at reading schematics and choosing compatible parts, then please share your opinion on U9 in the schematic and the proposed Op-Amp data sheet image.  Maybe this sparks a memory of the correct part number...maybe you saw this on another vintage...
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    840AV identify missing IC @ U9

    I decide to upload a better picture to more clearly display the location. If you have access to a 840AV, please upload a picture of the IC at U9 with the part numbers visible or if you are savvy then please recommend a replacement or where to learn the data for this missing IC.  :-) Bama
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    840AV identify missing IC @ U9

    Hello All, I need your help to identify the IC part number located at U9 on my 840AV logic board.  I recently purchased this 840 from eBay as not working and I started removing the leaky SMT electrolytic capacitors.  I discovered that the IC at location U9 is missing.  Bomarc schematics appear...
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    Steel ball bearing as Duo 250 trackball

    Hello All, I need a replacement 19mm trackball. I have a 19mm steel ball bearing.  Is this safe to use the metal ball bearing as a replacement?  My reason for asking is that I can see what looks like copper at the base of the trackball assembly.  I attached a picture. Thanks, Bama