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    Color Classic won't turn on - Analog board issue

    Unfortunately I never was able to resolve the issue, I was tired of throwing parts at it without success and ended up getting a new AB.
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    Building an internal grayscale card for the SE/30

    Can't wait for the opportunity to be able to get one of these if they become available, would definitely make for the ultimate compact Mac.
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    SE/30 Chassis Painting

    I didn't really mind the bit of hazy though I do see the appeal of the crystal clear. I figured I would grab one while they still had some so I wouldn't end up regretting never having the chance to buy such a limited product, its really well crafted. I'm wondering how it would look if it...
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    SE/30 Chassis Painting

    I wanted to go with black chrome look but couldn't find any spray local, so thought this would go well. I did fortunately think to check continuity, everything is good to go on that end.
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    SE/30 Chassis Painting

    Just wanted to show off a bit of work that I did today. The chassis had a bit of rust on one of the rails so I felt it would be a perfect candidate to do a bit of painting on it and show off in the beautiful Mac Effects case. After taking off the rust and cleaning everything thoroughly, I...
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    Se console 5 caps

    Big cap definitely doesn't fit, check JDW's recapping video for the Sony PSU at around 22:21 -
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    Macintosh SE/30 System 7.5.3 & 8.1 HDA image for ROM upgraded Macs

    Good Morning, I have seen quite a few tutorials on how to install System 7.5.3 & 8.1 so I decided to create my own HDA image that will work on a bluescsi (and possibly other such devices) that will work for an SE/30 with an upgraded ROM (such as the MACSIMM or BMOW). The image has not been...
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    Patched Hard Disk .HDA File for Blue SCSI System 8.1 for the SE/30?

    I'll try to get one working tonight, shouldn't be too bad to do and will give me an excuse to fire up the SE/30!
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    Color Classic won't turn on - Analog board issue

    Could be, not sure what points it needs to be in contact at to ground? I haven't tested the AB fully outside of the case because i'm not sure if thats safe to do without the flyback being connected.
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    Color Classic won't turn on - Analog board issue

    An Update to this: I've replaced a few more common failure components. I replaced the RIFA cap that was cracked in the above photo along with a film cap. I also replaced the 1N4148 diodes and an IRFBC40 MOSFET. Board is still having the same issue and I feel like I'm coming up short on ideas...
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    Color Classic won't turn on - Analog board issue

    Good Evening Looking for some help with with an analog board issue I'm having. I recently acquired a Color Classic that doesn't power on. With the logic board removed, flipping on the power switch with it plugged in creates a constant clicking sound. Here is what I've tried thus far: Full...
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    Best way to transfer data to Mac SE

    I was able to get Cubase v1.0 to work on my SE, but couldn't get 2.5.1 to work though I didn't fiddle around with it too much. I was however able to get 2.5.1 to work on my SE/30 but that is running 7.5.3 so perhaps it might work on the SE.
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    Best way to transfer data to Mac SE

    Something like a zip drive would work, its pretty inexpensive storage. If you plan on doing future work on the SE then you could go with a Blue SCSI or SCSI2SD and replace the old hard drive with a nice large SD card with all the storage you need.
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    Macintosh SE/30 Transformation

    I have a 2 device SCSI Cable coming in so that I can image the original HDD. The original has 7.5.3 installed on it and seems to be from the University of Wisconsin library, all kinds of interesting links for getting library resources (which no longer work).