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    EGRET .bin Dump

    I believe the pin out is different sadly... would love a way to make replacement cuda egret chips
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    Mac LC with no sound?

    Shoot some photos to me. I might be able to look at it for you if you're in USA.
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    SE/30—my first recapping, so close to success

    There's going to be a missing trace. Also possibly bad traces for video looking at it. I'd be happy to look at it via email.
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    SE/30—my first recapping, so close to success

    Disregard...darn mobile
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    IIfx click then nothing

    As I believe in full transparency, yes I absolutely did. Two 10,000uf caps I misread as 1000. I am remedying the issue and have appropriate values on order. Thank you for your understanding John and if we're lucky this fixes your board issue...which I might test with this recapped PSU I just did...