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    Macintosh SE/30 Transformation

    Nice job! Now you can start on tricking it out with awesome software!
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    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    Thank you @ants , works great! I run this on a TP-LINK TL-WR902AC v3.x (about $40). Here’s my steps to make it work in case someone struggles (as I did) with the OWRT set up: 1) Flash with Open WRT 18.06.09 (last confirmed working version according to GitHub) 2) Connect with ethernet (make...
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    Building a Spotify player for my Mac SE/30

    This is insanely cool! Thank you @ants for doing this.
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    Force32 Feature Request

    Completely understand. I’m fairly good at nagging with two small kids at home so can contribute on that point :) In terms of user feedback, I feel like most users would be tech savvy, and just needs it to work. As a bare minimal, either a couple of pre compiled versions or a simple...
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    Force32 Feature Request

    Hi @cheesestraws Any update re: Force32+Net? It seems like exactly the last thing I'd need to run completely battery less. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help make it happen.
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    Any hope for this SE/30 mb?

    Thanks! So would it make sense to run wires from the bottom of the pcb to the broken traces? As for the rom slot, I think the contacts etc cleaned up pretty well. Would it help to measure each pin for continuity and try to see where it goes? Or in worst case desolder and reuse it? Pins and...
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    Any hope for this SE/30 mb?

    Hi! I recently bought a SE/30. Unfortunately it had been battery bombed, on what I believe to be two different occasions 😆. The previous owner had replaced the battery and hot glued a new one in place, which also failed. It now displays simasimac. See images 1&2 of what it looked like before...
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    Micrographic Images Megascreen 3 - SE PDS Video card

    Just found one of theese in a newly acquired SE, thanks for the interesting background and info. Now you know at least one found its way across the pond to Sweden sometime in the early 90’s ☺️