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Apple Mouse IIe, can you glide with ease?

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For a while I've been a bit annoyed that my Apple Mouse IIe tends to have the ball momentarily loose contact with the rollers and make the cursor momentarily "stick" on the screen. It's especially annoying during drawing/painting.  The typical ritual of cleaning the mouse ball helps, but not as much as would be ideal.


Then today I tried unscrewing the ball holder on the bottom and sliding the mouse around without it.  To my surprise, the mouse glided with ease and without sticking!


So, I'm wondering.  How do users of early Apple mice treat the ball holder so that it doesn't have as much propensity to interfere with smooth mouse motion?  Also, is this typical of the early Apple mouse design to have this issue?


EDIT: Okay, so I'm doing some more experimentation.  Hard surfaces in particular seem to work much better with the Apple Mouse IIe than my typical soft mousepads.  As I understand it, without a sufficiently hard surface, the mouse ball drops too low and friction from the ball holder causes the ball to sometimes stick rather than roll as it should.  Newer ADB mice used a smoother, less frictional ball holder such that this was no longer an issue.

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Certainly my Plus-style mice much prefer being on a hard surface than a soft one.  I've taken to using a ceramic tile as a mousemat with one, which seems to help, but doesn't seem ideal!

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