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Classic II Power Supply Schematic (reverse engineered)

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Hello all!


I've spent the last few days of my life trying to fix a dead Classic II analog board. As usual, the capacitors leaked but that wasn't the whole story. Turns out the opto-coupler died as well. Long story short, in order to figure this out, I needed to reverse-engineer much of the power supply. Since I was 80% there, I decided to finish the job and publish the results, in the hopes that someone might find it useful. So, here's my attempt at reverse-engineering the schematic of the MAC Classic II power supply:


If you find mistakes or you figure something out I wasn't aware of (such as the values of certain components), please send me corrections!



Andras Tantos

mac_power_supply.pdf mac_power_supply.sch

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This is awesome!


I love all the board-level work and documentation we've been starting to see on the forum in the last 2-3 years.  Thank you for your contribution!

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