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Has anyone done this I haven't been able to find any instructions other than it is optware. My thought was to have it encapsulate IP packets in Appletalk and for those machines that can only connect via Localtalk would have access to the internet. For example possibly play some Bolo on my Duo 2300.

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Can DD-WRT run Netatalk? That might have been for use as a file server, lots of routers DDWRT supports have USB ports that were originally meant for file sharing.


EDIT: it seems like most people wanted it for Time Machine purposes, as an alternative to connecting a disk directly to their mac and as an alternative to buying a Time Capsule or Airport.


From an ultra-quick Google though, this works poorly and probably using regular linux/bsd + netatalk or a purpose-built NAS or any of the other vintage-friendly solutions is probably a better plan.


In terms of a MacIP bridge for machines w/o ethernet, the macip VM or pi image is probably the way to go-- at least short of having another Mac to use as such a gateway.

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