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Power Mac 8200/120, no video output

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I recently acquired a Power Mac 8200/120.


It turns on and chimes but doesn't output any video.


I tested it's RAM and VRAM in another machine and it's fine. I even bought a PCI Formac video card, but still no output (the card also works in my other PCI Macs).


Is there anything else to try before I call it quits?

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Is there a functional PRAM battery installed? I'm not sure if this model needs one, but it is a 601 and I do know the earlier 601 PowerMacs absolutely need one to output video on a cold boot. Another way to try is to reset the machine after the first chime, or turn it off and on quickly after the chime. If you do get video that way, that would confirm a PRAM battery is necessary.

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The 8200 is relatively 'rare' - a model only sold in Europe. For me, that is reason enough to not scrap it.


This could well be a PSU or logic board issue I think, the PSUs in these are unreliable at best (the one in mine blew up). An ATX conversion is easy enough to do.


If you can't get it working, I'm sure someone in London will be happy to take it off your hands (unfortunately not me, a single encounter with a 8200 was enough for me).

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