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Macintosh Plus does not want to stay on -- reboots spurratically

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So I've got a Macintosh Plus -- when I got it, it would not boot at all or do anything when switched on. However, I scrubbed the motherboard once and it's worked flawlessly for 2 years albeit a noticeably loud mains hum (and clicky 800k drive... but according to dead mac scrolls, it is an ignorable issue)


Now the thing still powers on, however it will just randomly reboots for no reason (beep, black screen, blinking ? floppy screen, an then proceeds to boot from my Floppy EMU. This will happen over and over again. The more the mac has been on, the frequency of these reboots go down. So from cold, it will reboot over and over again within 1-2 seconds. Eventually as it gets warmer and warmer, it lasts longer and longer between reboots to about ~10-15 mins.


I don't believe the EMU is the issue, as it works flawlessly with my 2 Macintosh SEs and 1 Classic II, LC, and Franklin 1200. (Apple ][ clone), and this will still happen when booting from floppy with the EMU removed.


Even weirder: my friend has a Macintosh plus and he accidentally plugged his keyboard into the mac while it was running and since then has always has had the same issue that I am having now (randomly rebooting). His is in better shape than mine. I've got a bit of corrosion on my analog board but his is absolutely immaculate from visual inspection. And this issue seemed to sprout out of nowhere in my case. Maybe a bit of corrosion on the MB has developed over the 2 years from some leaky caps? Should I start to clean some of the corroded traces on the analog board? .. if so, what is the best way to do so? I presume using jumper wires.. but how can I prevent the crossed traces from still being active?


So I'm asking on my behalf as well as my friends.... simmmilar issues... maybe same problem?






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