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Sad Mac when connecting external SCSI2SD to SE

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Getting chime then Sad Mac 0000000F / 00000002 whenever connecting an external SCSI2SD to a Mac SE.


I've tried the following:

- Changed out the ROMs to newer FDHD versions

- Connected to external CD-ROM which worked okay

- Made sure internal HDD was set to ID0 (since the volumes of the SCSI2SD are on 1,4,5,6.

- Disconnected the internal HDD

- Checked voltage rails OK


This SCSI2SD works fine on many other Macs.


Any ideas for what to check next? I'm kind of at a loss since SCSI seems to be working fine with the CD drive.

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16 hours ago, Trash80toHP_Mini said:

Is the external version Termination Powered? Have you tried an external power source?

It's termination powered. I haven't tried external power yet, but haven't needed to on any other Mac. I'll give that a try though.

16 hours ago, Trash80toHP_Mini said:

which version of SCSI2SD are you using? Can the USB port be used to supply power?

I'm using the external 5.5. Yes, it has a port I can connect to try it out.


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So I tried with an external USB power source and it made no difference. I also tried with a couple other SE MLBs and hit the same issue. So it sounds like it might be some kind of config issue with the SCSI2SD. I might try disabling all but one ID and see what happens. Any other suggestions?

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