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Photoshop 3.0 +serial # will not work (Color Classic)

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I have a Mystic Color Classic.  I am running 8.1  I bought the original disk and paperwork for Adobe Photoshop 3.0 from ebay.  Included was the serial number. 


I use Photoshop and I actually use my Mystic for work I do at home.  I have bought and used many different versions of Photoshop in the past, and Photoshop is what I want to run on my Mystic.


The install went perfect.  I came to a screen that wanted me to enter in all my data (serial #, name, address, etc).  I entered all of it.  I am hooked up to the internet.  I hit the enter key, and Photoshop said my serial number was invalid.  I re checked everything, and everything looked good.  I do have a letter or a number in the serial number that is either the letter "L" or the number "1".  I thought I had them mixed up.  I switched, but that did not help.


After the failed install, Photoshop said I would have two weeks to register, then the Mystic re booted to 8.1.  I launched Photoshop, but again, it wanted my serial number and name.  Again, I received the same error message that the serial number was incorrect.


After that I went to Macintosh Garden and search for Photoshop 3.0.  Many years ago, people would sometimes list a serial number that would work for some software.  But no serial number was to be found.


I looked on line for an Adobe phone number to call, but they only have email support for software this old.  And to tell you the truth, I do not think they would help me.


I am not trying to cheat anyone.  I am not trying to scam anyone.  I paid good money for the original disk and paperwork. 


Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,



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Thanks for the help.  I did do a google search and found a few sites with serial numbers.  None of them worked.  I did a google search for "Hackers Helpers" but was unable to find that website.


Could it be that the serial number is glued to a name?  For example, if I had a good serial number, would I need the same name that the software was registered under for it to work?


I sent the ebay seller a very polite email. I told him of my issue and asked if he had installed it in the past, or installed it and then un installed it, and a few other questions.  But the seller has yet to reply.  It is not like I sent him email saying I was going to leave him bad feedback or anything.  I was very polite.  I may email him again.


Thanks for the many tips.



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The name and company name are independent of the serial number. This program was released before that type of thing became very popular. 

The code is just a code. Not tied to anything at all. 

It is likely that you are inputting a wrong character if the code was successfully used by the seller. 

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