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Tips or guide for "preemptive" hinge work on non-broken eMates?

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Hi guys!


I now own two eMates, both in relatively-good / functional condition (dead batteries aside). I understand that hinge failures are one of the most predictable issues with eMates, and I'd like to keep mine in good shape going forward. Is there a guide or "how to" type doc on any preventative maintenance I should do on these, before I have a hinge failure?


Thanks for any pointers,



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I've handled about ~ 10 eMates over the years, and I'm yet to find one with a faulty screen hinge/ribbon nor have I been particularly concerned to crack open the entire thing to check it out.  I'd suggest that if handled roughly or in well used condition (perhaps ex-school), and the screen hinge feels slack, go for disassembly.  However if your eMates are in good condition with stiff hinges, just opening and closing the lid gently will be all that you need to do - the risk of disassembling the whole thing potentially damaging casing along the way isn't worth it.

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If it feels fine, I would agree that leaving it alone is probably the best bet.


But, if the hinges are actually stiffer than they should be, that can be a real issue. I’ve had several laptops with stiff hinges that I decided to leave alone, and inevitably, it started to crack the plastic.


Now when I get a laptop in good shape with stiff hinges, it gets pulled apart and fixed immediately. Not worth the risk of destroying the hinge mounts.


I’ve found that on the “sealed” hinges, spraying liquid-wrench on the and then following that with some regular oil loosens them up pretty well.

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Back around 2004 or 2005, I think, there was a guy on eBay that offered a hinge repair service.  As I recall, he had done a number of them and had plenty of experience and good reviews.  I don't remember how much he charged, but it was out of my budget at the time.  He hasn't been offering the service in many years though, so I don't know if he's retired or otherwise moved on.


The last time I checked, there was a different guy doing the hinge repairs, but his reviews weren't as good as the previous guy.

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