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Unknown (brandless?) 1996 NuBus ethernet card - in search for a driver

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Last week I (Dutchman, Amsterdam) bought a Macintosh IIfx from an German auction site. It came with a 'modern' ethernet card: 10/100 Mbit and RJ-45 connector, along with some other cards. Unfortunately, I don't have a clue where to get drivers. Asanté drivers won't work, has anyone got a clue where to obtain those? Due to the Radius Rocket 33, I hope these drivers will support System 7.1. Below some detailed photo's of the card and 2 with the card inside the Mac. The ethernet card is the 3rd from the left... Would it matter which slot it resides in?


At first, I was hoping to do some fishing in the German language 5 1/4" Apple HD 40, but that crashed on me. So no luck there. After that, I've tried 1 of the other 4 remaining cards that came with the deal, a FWB JackHammer. The control panel has an update feature where you can select the card you want to update, no luck either as it did not mention any cards at all...


Does anyone have a clue what brand / model this could be and if so, where to obtain drivers? Thanks in advance, cheers, Jeroen.








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Looks like there's a Farallon card that uses the same chipset (if it isn't in fact the same card) so you can try using their driver set. The file you want is apparently called "Farallon_Fast_EN_nubus.sit.bin" but I can't readily find a copy. Try the Garden, maybe?


Nice score on those other cards. Looks like some high-end video and at least one Radius Rocket of some variety in there.

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