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MicroConversions 2124NB II - Brochure + Owner's Guide + Control Panel

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Was this card unique or was it the same hardware as one of the Villagetronic MacPicasso cards?   I remember that very late in the NuBus game, the Villagetronic cards came out and they were sold under at least two different labels.

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The 2124NB II was unique as it as an in-house design by MicroConversions, and the last shipping card for 68K Macs, as Radius and the others had stopped at that point. 


VillageTronic's NuBus cards were derived from their PCI card lineup using Cirrus Logic controllers, and they were PPC only. VT claimed to have been working on 68K compatible drivers at one point, but they never materialized. The Sonnet Sonata Pro 24 was the rebadged version, sold in the late 90s to complement the G3/x100 upgrade line.

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