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I am having trouble getting my LC II to connect to the internet. I am trying to connect directly via ethernet using an Asante MCiLC network card. I've installed all relevant drivers, and I am using Internet Explorer 4.0.1. I am using System 7.5.5. When I connect my Ethernet cable directly from the LC II's network card to the router, the upper light on the network card blinks quickly. However, when i open up Internet Explorer 4.0.1, I get errors such as "Data transfer error (-28)" and "The website could not be found" for every website I type into the address bar. I have set my TCP/IP settings to DHCP. Am I missing anything? Any and all help is appreciated! I have been working on this all day and now I am very tired :p

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22 hours ago, olePigeon said:

DHCP is hit or miss with older hardware, usually miss.  Your best option is to configure TCP/IP manually.  Don't forget the DNS.

Thanks for the tip. I tried configuring manually. I entered a static IP in the IP field. I entered my router IP in the "router" field and I entered and as my DNS (Google DNS.) However, the same issue still seems to be happening. Am I missing something? Should I try different settings?

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I've got my LC III+ online using an LC PDS ethernet card, thats ran to the ethernet port on my Apple AirPort Express router. I've got System 7.1 and I installed Open Transport 1.3. I found Open Transport easier to set up and use than MacTCP.

I've attached a pic of my settings in my TCP/IP control panel. I've got it set for DHCP to get an IP address from my router automatically. I've found that the bottleneck in the system is the hard drive. I've got pretty fast internet (downloads at 15 megabytes a sec) so things download quickly on the LCIII (around 150 kilobytes a sec) but the machine hangs as the hard drive writes the data to disk. Nonetheless, it works and I'm able to use Hotline and FTP and early web browers.  Its painfully slow though.


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For my SE/30 with MacTCP, DHCP wasn’t working.  I had to manually assign the MAC address of the Ethernet card a reserved IP address on my router’s configuration page.


That said, MacTCP seems to lag way behind OpenTransport.  If you have enough RAM (16mb?) to comfortably run it, I’d say give that a try with 7.5.5 or 7.6.1.


Best of luck!

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