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Where should I put her?

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I'm sure you would all agree that the dining room is not the best place for a Mac :p . I can explain how it got there, but that's another story (essentialy, it found its way in from the conservatory). I am wanting to find a better place for it, so where do you keep your macs?


I can't keep it in the study, because there's not enough space (although I'm sure I could squeeze it in, the others aren't ;) ). My bedroom, could be an option, but anyway, I'm not here to tell you what I thought; I want to know what you do!




P.S. I know this isn't Performa related, but it's a Performa 475, so this is where I'll post it.

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I don't know if it might work for you, but I keep the "Mac of the moment" next to my main workstation.


It's on the left side of the desk because I'm right handed, sitting on an oversize mouse pad. (it's really a computer pad made of mouse pad material)


Peripherals and mouse residde on a oversized mouse pad to the right of the main work area.


The main workstation/workspace is a piece of clear Plexi (so the teak desktop shows through) with the monitor sitting on a teak stand with a drawer and space for the KBD underneath.


The QS'02 MacWorkStation is KVM'd with the 3gNetBook FireFoxStation and I can slide the shared KBDunder the LCD stand/Drawer unit to pull the ADB/KBD in front of me to play with the "Mac of the moment."


Right now the MacMousePad has a pile of junk on it, but either the WS-PDQ or the LCIII/12" RGB will be back on there soon.


The 3gNetBook sits on top of a Plastic Chest of Storage Drawers to the right of the main desk.


Dunno, works for me.

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NB: I am the only occupant (other than a whiny cat) of my 2400 sqft house.


I have an iMac G4 on my work desk near the kitchen where I eat and write bills and so on.


I have a TAM in the bedroom.


Most of my computers are either (if they are servers or in storage) in the climate control room, or in the rear office. I have one table with my G5, Commodore 128, HP C8000, MDD and Intel mini, and the other table with my Q800, 486, 7300, Indy, BeBox, Solbourne S3000, VAXstation 3100/M76, IIgs and Canon Cat. There are also small project tables set up with a chiclet PET 2001 and a Mystic Colour Classic which will probably be replaced with a Mac Portable.


So if I ever end up with, ahem, a housemate, I can restrict the hobby mostly to the two rooms it largely occupies now.

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Right now, my computers are in my bedroom.


Mac SE/30 is on top of a two-drawer filing cabinet, along with the G4 DigiAudio to the left of the table. Between the left channel stereo speaker and the filing cabinet is an original Mac case, containing the 128K. Sitting on the floor in front of the filing cabinet are my spare IIci and my SE. On the table, I have a Mitsu 21" monitor and Apple M0115 keyboard connected to the G4 (iMate is used to connect said keyboard, of course). To the right, is my main IIci system with 14" M1212 Mac Color Display on top of the IIci, and a 1st generation Apple Standard keyboard with A9M0331 mouse connected. My dresser has my main Apple //e system sitting on it, with Kensington System Saver, Color Monitor //e, two disk ][ drives, and a bunch of cards inside the computer itself.


On top of the bookshelf unit in my closet are my backup //e, my ][, and my ][+. On top of the closet organizer to the right, are a bunch of disk ][ drives and an Apple ][ case top with early keyboard installed, as well as a Keyboard Company Apple ][ numeric keypad. On top of the closet organizer to the left are an extra IIci motherboard that desperately needs new caps in the power supply area, a prototype 6100 motherboard (yes, one of the Piltdown Man boards - is red and runs at 50 MHz, instead of 60 MHz), and an Apple ][+ motherboard, plus a bunch of Apple II cards in an anti-static bag. There's also the box that contained my //e's RAMWorks II card, and the numeric keypad //e that I have for it.


In the main room, I also have a pair of working //e's that I'm trying to get rid of. One's an unenhanced beige unit, the other is a platinum A2S2128 unit.



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Depends on how big your place is.


I only have one place to put Macs in a one bedroom apartment. My desk is shared by my iMac G4 and whatever laptop I'm using at the moment. The other laptops hide out in bags. (I have four here and may bring my old 180c down with me when I visit my family next month).


There's also a little cubby I can place a smaller Mac (i.e. a compact) on. It's an auxiliary bookshelf in my bedroom although I only get the Classic out of the closet when I need it. There's a IIvx hanging out here too but it sits in my closet at the moment and probably will until I find somewhere better to put it.


At my old place, I built a counter into my back wall. While I eventually converted it to solely a kitchen (with enough room for one Mac), it was initially constructed to house a microwave, mini-fridge, and several computers. I could easily place six compacts on there.

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All my machines except for the Cube and the CC are stored in my TV cabinet. Since I don't have a decent CRT for my machines I have repurposed my 40" LCD TV as monitor since it offers VGA connectivity. Kind of overkill for machines which usually just display 640x480 (the 6100/66 DOS Compatible and the Performa 640 DOS Compatible), except for the 7500 which runs at 1024x768. :D The cube sits permanently on my desk near my PC beast, and the CC is floating around depending on my mood - it doesn't have a permanent home yet.


I guess in the end storing/placing your machines will depend on how frequently you plan on using them (if frequent then they should be somewhat accessible). Ideally they should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from artificial lighting in order to prevent any potential yellowing. Also, a less dusty environment can be rather helpful...



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