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Peripherals: LINKS Project: Rev. 3.0

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An excellent page on compatibility of G4 CPU modules between different models.


From theos911's post here.



Subject: G4 processor swaps


You can use Sawtooth/Gigabit Ethernet CPUs in a Digital Audio without any changes at all. Apple System Profiler may say it is running slow but other programs can generally detect it properly. (I have personally tested this, including changing the resistors and running benches) The only issue is that you are running a really slow CPU and the bus gets dropped down to 100MHz but it is good for testing a suspect motherboard or CPU.

I have not tried in a QS, but the QS is similar enough to the DA that it *should* probably work. ymmv

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Daystar PowerCache and 030 (SE/30/IIsi) PDS adapter


Subject: SE/30 Powercache adapter?


Finally got some high resolution photos here:






Unresized scans:

http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7079/7316874112_6efd540116_k.jpg - underside

http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7077/7316874656_6e5525e0ed_k.jpg - topside


Best I can do with the scanner I have on hand. Friend of mine has a really nice, really expensive DSLR that I'm sure would do a better job. This sucker is for sale if anyone is interested; still untested but I'd accept a return+refund if it didn't work.

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Need link to the old Ports & Pinouts(?) document that shows the @$$end of Macs up to the day the document was created.


edit: I found it on the QS'02, the filename is mac_ports_pinouts.pdf for my copy, coul


Didn't find a link, so I may have changed the name. It's a VERY useful Apple Document.



Ports and Pinouts ServiceSource Document

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This seems like as good a place to leave this as any, at least till we have a functioning wiki again.


The "Family tree" of development and technical documentation for early macs:


Subject: Another IIci ROM hack


Here's the RoadMap:



. . . with a couple of other Titles I'd like to nab!


Here's the .TXT info:


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Link from v1.0 of the project re-discovered: Room of Duo is a fabulous resource for the PowerUltraBook crowd.


p.s. the links project is supposed to be a community effort. All contributions welcome (begged for actually) and encouraged. I can't believe we've neglected this stickied topic for six  five years now  .  .  .  :blink:


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