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yea the site that shows it seems to be down, but web archive has it.


Macintosh tuneup


click on macintosh tuneup and select your Mac and then i think go to page 2 (next button) of the diagram (the button next to the go home button on the top of the page, the picture seems to be missing but the button still works).


i dont know if the system will run stable with the FSB running at 133mhz (if it does put some cooling on the chipset)

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Thanks for reminding me that page. It seems to be hard work. Since I'm using a voltage tweaked G4 zif module from a Yikes! on the B&W (running at 2.6v), I wanted to clock it between 450mhz and 500mhz (but maintaining the PCI BUS frequecies) because if I clock it to 500mhz, I get the famous "errata bug" which makes it crash at low temperatures (43°C), so I just wanted to go one small step ahead from 450mhz (which runs perfectly stable, even if the temperature passes 60°C). As I told on an earlier post I followed a guide to run it at 500mhz with that voltage tweak (this guide: http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/G4ZONE/G4YIKESOC/500MHz_yikes.html), but it didn't succeed. I guess he lives in a much colder place than mine. :'(

Best Regards,


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