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Newton 2000 case question

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I have a second hand Newton 2000/2100 Deluxe Leather Case for my Newton 2000. But the Newton doesn't slip into anything and the elastic inside is far too small. So does the Newton just sit inside the Case without any holding. It is a silly question I know but it's a bit frustrating. I gave it to my 4 year old to figure out but he was stumped too :-/

A link to an image online would be useful.. I have been searching.

Something to do with velcro?? Thanks.


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If this is the case that you have


Item # 170118812972 (at that auction site)


The lid of the 2000/2100 slides underneath the angled elastic band. I can't remember if you needed to use any velcro on the bottom of the Newton's case.


I have the smaller nylon case and sliding the lid underneath was all that was needed to keep the Newt in place.

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Yes - that's it. Thanks.

The lid does indeed slip underneath the straps as you say.

However, the lid does not close when I close the case- is this normal? It seems a little fragile to me and I don't wish to snap the small spigots that fit the lid to the main body of the Newton at its hinge. If the Newton and case normally fits as you say above then I will live with that [:)]]'> This Newton is terrific so apologies for being so fussy. [:I]]'> And thanks for your time.


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