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Newton 2000/2100 cases

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There were a couple of cases that you could look for...


The Apple made ballistic nylon case that held the 2100 and the Newton keyboard. Has the Newton logo stitched on the front.


Neoprene slip case for just the 2100. I can't remember who made it but it is black on the outside and blue on the inside. There's an iside pocket to hold a memory card.


Another option is to buy a CD disc holder case - the half binder size and rip the CD sleeves out from the centre. You would need to make sure the depth of the case is deep enough to hold the 2100. This would give you the operational equivalent of the Apple made case

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I have both the "Newton 2000/2100 Deluxe Newton Leather Case Case" and the "Newton 2000/2100 Deluxe Leather Case (802.11b)" that I picked up from Newton Sales. I had a good experience with him. BTW, the first case mentioned is sold out, but I use mine all the time. I do not use the other much right now because I do not need it (yet).


As for the CD Binder idea, it can and will work. I planned mine (but have not started the project due to time) as follows:

  • yes, rip out the CD holders
  • got to the hardware store and pick up a can of expanding foam and a jar of the plastic coating you can dip tool handles into (one brand is PolyShield); it is basically used to put a rubber coating on the handle of your tools after the original wears off...
  • swing by your local gorcer and pick up some clear plastic wrap and a good sized carrot or three.
  • cut the carrots into semi-circles as thick as the Newt and wrap them in plastic.
  • wrap you Newt safetly in the plastic wrap. While wrapping, place a carrot piece or two along the long sides of the Newt - these will create finger holes to pull your Newt free later!
  • set you wrapped Newt in the CD case, noting that one side will have a higher edge thatn another - pick your pleasure.
  • squirt the expanding foam into the binder around your Newt, making sure to get some underneath. Less is more, you can always add to it as it cures and you find the expansion has settled.
  • once cured (about a day or two), trim the excess away with a knife and remove your Newt.
  • seal the foam with the plastic dip. you may need to add a second coat to make the Newt fit snugger depending on how thick the layers of plastic were on the Newt.


This process is not tried-and-true, so do not blame me for failures - it is just how I planned to do mine nad never got around to it.



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Wow! That will be awesome when you get it done.


I had been thinking more along the lines of cutting the dark grey jogj high density foam that comes as packing material to the size and shape of the 2100 or just using velcro to strap the 2100 down inside the case.

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