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I am thinking of purchasing an Apple Multiple Scan 17 Display. The seller describes the following behaviour and I am wondering if this is normal as he has no mac to hook it up to.


When I turn it on, the LED lights up, it shakes as it turns on, turns off, the LED goes off. Selling as inoperable, visually impeccable - without a scratch on the screen and on the case. I don't have a computer to connect it to.


Any recommendations on whether this is worth bidding on? I would not be able to repair it myself.


Kindest regards


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Hey I've got a Multiscan 15 if ya want it. We can discuss stuff if you do.


Pretty sure it works perfectly, but has two little broken pieces of plastic out of the side (about 1 cm), which you can abs weld back.


That is truly generous of you. I am all the way out in Poland I am afraid or I would take the offer much more seriously. Packing and shipping would be a burden for the two of us. Please don't throw it out. Offer it a good home. Many warm regards.


In terms of your display's behaviour, what happens if you do not connect a computer to it, does it go on and then off? I never owned this display so I don't know if the seller is offering a display that actually has a technical issue or not.


Kind regards


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Its normal. Its not detecting a sync signal from the video source, so the monitor will go into standby until the machine kicks it on. 


Techknight, should I risk it and purchase the display? It's about $25 is US currency. I trust your analysis of the behavioral question. I do need a display for my Q950 so was thinking this could be a great display.


Let me know your final thought when you get a moment. I much appreciate it.

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