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M0403 Apple Universal Monitor Stand

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Thanks very much to oldappleguy (what a really cool guy), I received the M0403 Apple Universal Monitor Stand.  I couldn't find much detail about the stand online, so I thought I would document a little about it.


First off, the underside of the stand shows the model number M0403 near the corner foot.




Featuring the Snow White design language trend, the monitor includes horizontal stripes along the length of the base, and small vertical stripes along the front which nicely match the monitors and computers with which it would be paired.  The stand includes a platform insert which may be flipped; each side with a differing configuration for use with a compatible monitor.  The starburst-like projection on the platform fits into the indent on the bottom of the monitor.  The raised T features at rear of the platform secure the monitor by catching the monitor feets.  If you are missing the feets on the monitor, you will have a problem with it sliding around on the platform, especially when swiveling.



With the Macintosh Portrait Display:



And a Machintosh 12" RGB Display:



The stand uses a balancing technique to leverage the weight of the monitor for simple force-free tilting, much like later iMacs.  A slight ratcheting sound can be heard as the monitor is tilted to and fro.  The stand raises the monitor approximately 8.5cm when level, and also features a swivel function for positioning perfection.


Interestingly, some documentation found online shows a slightly different variation, without the large platform insert and instead a solid puck.  I can find no photos matching that of the documentation, so I wonder if it was ever produced in that manner.


All-in-all I really love this stand and it works very quite nicely with a Q700 tower, elevating the monitor above the keyboard and at a height to encourage proper posture.

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On 3/20/2016 at 6:07 AM, joethezombie said:

 If you are missing the feets on the monitor, you will have a problem with it sliding around on the platform, especially when swiveling.

Very nice post. I read it when it was new a couple of years ago, but back than I didn’t have the ”M0403 Apple Universal Monitor Stand”. That changed today! Now I have the exact same one as pictured, however, it got me a little stumped.


I intend to use the stand with an “AppleColor Hi-Res 13" RGB Monitor”, but it looks to me as if I have to remove the rubber feets from the monitor first, in order to make it rest against the back of the plate? Have you tried it with the 13" or can someone else confirm this little quirky detail?




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Hi @ktkm,


Yes I tried it with my "M0401" 13" AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor.  For it to fit the stand, I had to remove the front circular plug from the bottom of the monitor firstly.   Then the puck for the stand fits in that hole, with the feet being captured on the back side of the raised Ts.  Hope that makes sense!   I could take some pictures if really needed.

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25 minutes ago, CC_333 said:

This makes me want one so I can be in on the action!


They don't seem very common, though. Are they expensive?



I bought mine from ”Apple Rescue of Denver”. And they charge $45 for them, and plastic is in great shape!





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