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Kinda went nuts on eBay the past couple weeks...


(Click for larger)



But each book was only about $3 each. Every once in a while I go thru a phase where I'm totally completely obsessed with vintage Mac technical stuff. This is one of those phases.


And inside one of the books, stuck between the pages, was a mint condition Canadian $2 bill...Canada discontinued the 2 dollar bill in 1996!



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That $2 bill is from 1986.

Yes, but they haven't been produced in twenty years. The Toonie replaced the $2 bill in 1996, and since they have been out of circulation for so long, any surviving bills (especially those in good condition) will only go up in value. We even had a $1000 bill at one point. 

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Canadian banknotes don't bear the date printed, but the year the design was issued. The 1986 design was the final for the $2 note. People really like to hang onto the two dollar bill it seems- in 2006, the Bank of Canada stated more than a hundred million of the notes remained at large. Almost a million of the withdrawn one thousand dollar bills remain on the books as well as of 2012.

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