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Apple /// not booting

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Hello everyone,


I recently got hold of an Apple ///, however it doesn't want to boot any Apple /// software.  It will however boot nearly all my Apple ][ software using Apple ][ emulation. 


Basically it freezes on the Apple /// SOS welcome screen, see image below. The disk drive also stops at this point. Someone mentioned to me that it may be a RAM fault as the Apple /// doesn't have enough memory to completely load SOS. Is there a way of checking how much memory there is?


Thanks in advance



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Could be missing memory, maybe, look at the memory board and post a picture of it. 


I could also be bad CAPS that needs to be replaced on the mother board. The IIe board is a separate beast. Do you have two boards for the IIe emulation or only one?

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There's no separate board for Apple ][ emulation - it's all done in software.


Since the ][ emulation works OK, and you get this far in the boot of a SOS disk, I agree with david_schmidt that there is likely an issue with the SOS disk; driver is a likely culprit.


It _could_ be RAM or some other hardware issue. These can be tricky to troubleshoot. There are disk images for hardware tests out on the 'net.


I'm currently re-capping a /// power supply and hoping that helps with the errors I'm getting on one of my ///s now.

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Apple II+ emulation is built into the Apple ///. The card you have expands it to support enhanced (with 65c02 swap) Apple //e software.


ah, I'll test it eventually then. I have only one of the two board of the Titan Upgrade and a friend that investigated problem on my III thing it could cause some issues, we're not 100% sure yet. I will order a video ROM to place into the III motherboard and test it without the IIe card installed.


I always had the impression it was required to have the Titan expansion card to support Apple II (any model) emulation. It probably also mean that the IIe expansion board I was released late in the Apple III timeline to support the IIe when it was announced. 


Thank you for the information. I'll go to bed being a better Apple III person tonight, thanks to you. :)

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Hi all,


I've only just looked at this post as when I posted it back in December nobody replied. 

Anyway since then I have repaired the Apple /// and it was faulty RAM as diagnostics showed that nearly all the RAM on the board was dead. I bought a new set from VintageMicros and now it runs perfectly.

All the disks were good to my amazement as they had been stored in a garage for many years. 

Thanks for all your replies.



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