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Macintosh SE/30 SCSI I/O Problem

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I recently bought a Mac SE/30 which would boot from the Floppy and briefly from the SCSI drive after cleaning.  But during a fresh install of System 7 the SCSI drive developed a fault and stopped being identified.  The sound also didn't work at boot up.  I recapped the logic board and the sound came back but the SCSI connection did not.  So I decided to trace all the pins from the controller as recommended by many on these forums and found that 53C80 Pin 32 (I/O) failed a continuity check on SCSI (50-PIN) Pin 50 and DB-25 Pin 3.  I have got this working by bridging the SCSI controller Pin 32 to SCSI 50-PIN Pin and now the drive is identified again.  Does this mean the PCB track on the board has failed and is not recoverable? Or could it be some other fault on the board?  The machine is now fully working but the bridge wire solution looks messy. 

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