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"They're gonna throw away some old Macs at work..."

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"...you want 'em?" 


My dad works where they used to use Macs to run analysis hardware, and asked me if I wanted the old Macs they were going to pitch.  Sure!


So, Monday he shows up at my house with two PM 9500s.  Sweet!  One has a Sonnet upgrade that I haven't investigated yet.


Tuesday he shows up with a Quadra 950, with the key.  "I think it has an old 9GB SCSI server drive in it."


Then last night while I'm showing him my Portable he drops off two Quadra 840AVs!


My wife's gonna kill me.

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Soooooo envious....


Nice haul. :)

Thank you for saying 'envious' instead of 'jealous'!! That's one of my little hang-ups. :p In any case, this haul is amazing. I am secretly wishing it was mine while at the same time wondering how I would deal with my wife's wrath. I'd probably just invest in a storage unit. :)

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Yeah I closed the side, I just prefer to do it with the 950 on its side, so I can line it all up right


There's another 950 on top of it now, and a third he gave me a while ago, in pieces on the other side of the garage. I need to get them up to my lab at school and test them all out. After spring break of course!


I hate to be mercenary with them, but I really can't keep them all, so I'll probably eBay most of them sooner or later.

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I'll get them cleaned up and see what's working and what needs attention soon. Then I'll post what I have and want over in the trading post forum.

It might be a month or so before I'm ready tho.

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Finally dug into these tonight.


Last thing dad brought me was a Perf. 630 with a TV tuner in it, and a 15" Apple Color monitor (the one with the mic and headphone jacks on the circular base).  The 630 works great and I'm gonna recap and keep this one, because it is fairly small and easy to store.


The monitor was the necessary bit to test the rest. 


The 950s just work.  HDDs and all.  Pretty cool after all these years. One of them even had the correct date and the clock was only slow by about 30 minutes; I'm fairly sure it hadn't been turned on in 5 years. #1 has 32M RAM and a 1G HDD, and #2 has 48M and 5 partitions on a 9G HDD.  The partitions on #2 are named Michael, Jermaine, Marlon, Jackie, and Tito.  They both had un-updated 7.5 for an OS.  They both have the custom GPIO cards in them for the LC/MS machines they were attached to, too.  I have to wipe the drives, but the 9G one is getting its partitions' names back.


The 840AVs both chime and give video but #1 gives me the :?: , probably because of the screaming HDD, and #2 boots but throws an error just prior to the desktop.  I'm going to have them recapped before plugging them in again. #2 acted like the OS was System 7.5(.0)


The three 9500s all made bad mechanical sounds with their fans and drives, and none of them made a chime or video, so they all get to be "for parts/repair" machines.


I still have a few things to go through from an earlier purging at dad's work. A couple of beige G3 towers, a G3 desktop, and a boxed eMac they never used. Once I get them all tested I'll sell the hopeless ones here, and get the hopeful ones recapped to sell as lovely working Macs.  Look for a thread over in the trading post soon! (Don't PM me to get dibs, please. Wait until I say what I'll sell and for how much before you pile on ;) )

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