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Hey everyone! I'm SO glad I found this forum, I've been reading posts as a guest for a while and just now got around to making an account.


Today I pulled my Mac Plus out of my closet for the first time in three to five years. It's sitting on my living room floor at the moment, though hopefully it will have a desk to sit on soon. The closet gets pretty cold, especially during winter, so I was a bit anxious about turning it on, not knowing what to expect.


Thankfully it booted right up without any major issues. :b&w: It seemed to think that there was a disk in the internal floppy drive so it tried to eject something that wasn't there, but that (and me putting a few non-system disks, oops!) was the only hiccup. However, I had to turn the Mac on and off a few times since it froze when I tried running programs from the software sampler disk, and I noticed something strange while doing it:


For a second before it started looking for a startup disk it displayed a screen like this:




After the bars went away the screen grew dimmer and the black part slowly became grey. Then the screen flashed black for a fraction of a second before the computer booted normally. The thing that concerns me most is, the bars took up more of the screen each time I turned it on and off. When I restarted it with the restart button in a system error message the lines didn't show up at all. :-/


Can someone please give me an idea of how serious this display issue is/whether or not it's a warning sign of something major and what's causing it?


By the way, I have very minimal experience with circuit boards. I can identify things like RAM and a CPU but don't know much about capacitors and other less obvious stuff yet.


Thank you all!

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