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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I've posted about this on numerous vintage Apple forums, and no one has been able to find a solution to this issue yet.. Recently, my IIGS started having issues with its ADB port. It started after swapping my battery holder and battery, which could just be coincidence, as I'm having trouble remembering if the keyboard worked initially after that, and I left it alone for about a week afterwards. I double checked the battery and realized that a solder pad was missing from the positive terminal on the motherboard, it must have fell out when removing the original battery
  2. Are the ROM0, ROM1 and ROM3 the only variations of the Apple IIGS, aside from the limited edition Woz case?
  3. We're in luck! Reactivemicro.com is going to make more of the Transwarp GS accelerator clones this summer and they are taking pre-orders now at TranswarpGS pre-order ! Placed an order (i hapened to have money after selling other retro stuff) and can't really wait to get in hold of one. These cards (originals) are getting really expensive in order to regular hobbyists buying them and i believe, modern clone, is more long lasting than original from the 80's. OK, those might be more collectable of cause but..
  4. The drive won't eject when the button is pressed, nor will it eject when dragging a disk to the trash. When I try the drag to trash method, the GS/OS appears to unmount the disk, but the disk drive will still show disk activity (light cycles on for a few seconds, then off, then back on), and the computer seems to freeze up until the disk is manually ejected. I've tried this disk drive on two different IIGS computers with the same result. It has been maybe a year since I last used this disk drive, and it was known working the last time I used it. It reads and writes fine, just has the weird iss
  5. Hello, I have an issue with an Apple IIgs. The text is kind of doubled in Text mode. When I boot a system disk, in graphic mode, everything is fine. I have some experience in electronics and can also solder. I would like to repair it actually. Just to make sure, I tried the monitor on another Apple IIgs and it's fine. You can take a look at the pictures. Any idea? Thank you Pitou!
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