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  1. PCMCIA is generally the term for 16bit whereas CardBus is for 32bit cards. Based on that, any of these 'should' work but I have never used an SD to PCMCIA card as they were uncommon when I was shopping for them. Instead I use a CF card and adapter.
  2. I have two thoughts: - Did you install Mode32 on it? - When booting, have you tried it with all the extensions off?
  3. The 5x0 screens are all swappable, as they use the same logic board. If you can find a parts unit with a good colour screen, it would be ideal. As for CF, all the 5x0 series use the old SCSI 2.5" format. You will need to get the 2.5" version of the SCSI2SD, linked here: https://store.inertialcomputing.com/product-p/scsi2sd-v5-2.5-inch.htm
  4. Did you make sure the scsi pinout on the drive was set to the correct ID? I believe 3 was the internal scsi for the hard drive (though it has been a long time).
  5. Back when I used one daily, I used anywhere from 8.6 to 9.2. With that amount of RAM you will be good for any of them. As for QuickTime, I generally had the latest version supported by the OS to maximize compatibility. Speed for anything like QuickTime or booting will be more based on the hard drive than anything else I think.
  6. I remember going through many iMacs from a retired computer lab. Many of the early slot drive models had failed this way, or just plain did not turn on without any pop. On review of the internals, I did not see anything specifically bad on the board, or PSU. After a few issues I just considered them to be generally bad and gutted/recycled any that did not boot. However, you probably just have the one in this case. I would pull it apart and look at the state of the boards. Then if nothing is apparent, check the CRT.
  7. I found this as a nice flashback back when I had previous experiences with this issue involving AP cards, and newerish routers. What I remember doing is for any router where it cannot auto detect, you need to set to 'long preamble' in your router settings. Keep in mind I did not use much in the way of encryption back when I employed this connection method. Reference: https://community.netgear.com/t5/General-WiFi-Routers/preamble-long-vs-short/td-p/481159
  8. It could potentially be the RAM, as it happens just as you are running programs that would address further RAM. Otherwise, it probably needs a fresh OS for that kind of problem. I'd put the files on a CD or USB drive as already mentioned, and reinstall the OS.
  9. It would depend on the age of the NEC LCD monitor you have. Older 4:3 LCDs I found were more effective in being able to take the signal from the adapter. Even then, you may have to try a few LCDs. That being said, have you swapped the VGA cable that you are using with the adapter, with another?
  10. You can also easily remove the battery cover from the dead battery and put it on the PB 170. It will make it look better, and lighter .
  11. It should not be too difficult. From memory, besides being somewhat fragile, these were fairly serviceable.
  12. I have had best experience with burning at 4x on newer burners. Anything faster doesn't seem to work on older hardware.
  13. If it were not for the 74GB drive, I would have said 7.6 as it is more stable and a lower RAM footprint. In this case with the 74GB, it makes it more complicated due to the HFS block limitation. Perhaps with that capacity on such an old machine, it would be better to ignore the HFS limitation, and make multiple large partitions like 10-20GB, and load them accordingly. It wouldn't hurt to have a 8.1 install as well, should you have any software that requires it.
  14. Very nice to see one in good working order. I have not had much luck with the 3400 models due to motherboard issues. In most cases they would not post.
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