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  1. Anyone know where I can get a working copy of 8-bit GEOS for the Apple IIe. I'd be willing to pay someone for a working copy on floppy. If I found the software online, it would be a bear to get it on a floppy myself. Additionally, I'm also looking to get a copy of Apple II Desktop. My Apple IIe system is finally running nice now, I have the mouse card, 80-col/64k card, DuoDisk... I'd love to play around with those old GUIs.
  2. Yes, it's in an external enclosure, same behavior even when not connected to a scsi bus, including audio cds, it reads for like 1 sec then spits it out.
  3. I bought this drive off eBay to do an a/ux install, but having a weird issue, when I insert a cd caddy it starts to load then a few seconds later immediately spits it right back out. I've tried different cds, caddys. When I contacted the seller he claims it was working and maybe it's an issue with jumpers? Any thoughts before I return it?
  4. I'm having an issue with floppy drives right now, so on my SCSI2SD I want to mimic an Apple HDD that an unpatched HD SC will recognize, but what is the largest one I can do? I just tried " SEAGATE" and "ST225N" but that's only a 20mb drive?
  5. I just wanted to rule-out a more serious issue, but on my Quadra 700 (base 512k VRAM), using my adapter and LCD, I'm getting 640x480, but there is a heavy green tone. Oddly, even if I switch to greyscale, I still have the green tone. Same adapter/LCD works well on many other Macs, so I'm assuming its just the wrong pin setting on the adapter, I have to find the manual with all the pin codes. Just wanted to rule out a more serious issue with the motherboard. I have seen some posts about adapter settings causing green tones, just never though it would occur under greyscale.
  6. Yeah, pram has been out for awhile. I was just using it a bit before complete tear down so I can redo the caps. I do have a backup motherboard, but was curious if the ac power adapter maybe fried and was supplying bad voltage. John
  7. So a weird event happened. I was using my PB 3400 (PATA SSD), then all of sudden, BEEP, it reboots. There was no battery, and it was connected only via wall power adapter. Upon bootup it failed to do anything, it would chime, then thats it, just hum, nothing on screen. Is it possible that its a bad wall adapter? I see newer replacements are in ebay. The computer is apart now because I am having it re-capped (the motherboard, PSU card, and small screen card). If the issue was cap related, then it will be resolved. I just hope something else didnt blow on the motherboard. -Joh
  8. So I cleanly got my 3400 Li battery open, clean inside, now I'm ready to rebuild with new 26650 Li cells. Question, when you search Amazon or ebay, there are two kinds, one specifically states as being HI DRAIN, the other not. Which one should I get? If anyone here has rebuilt a battery with 26650 cells from Amazon, which ones did you use? Thanks John
  9. Finally got my 3400 battery opened up. Was about to buy 4x 26650 cells (3.7V), but I've noticed there are two kinds, one is specifically labeled HIGH DRAIN 40A, the other just says 3.7V 5000mAh for flashlight or other devices. Do I want the high drain, or the non high drain? Thanks John
  10. Just to chime in... I've been trying to get a Kingspec 32gb SSD to work for the past 2 days in my PB3400. It sounds like other people have had success, maybe I got a dud? I just can't seem to finish an install, it will hang on driver update, or I just get a random error with disk. When the original disk is in there, no issues. I have the ssd pinned for master. I might buy another and try again John
  11. I decided to go with a king spec pata ssd as it seems to work better then cf, should arrive in a few days.
  12. Finally got it to work, turns out it was a bad adapter. Bad news is my compact flash card/adapter isn't recognized!
  13. Though this would be straight forward, but I am having difficulty booting a PB 3400c with an external CDROM (Apple 600e). I just get the flashing disk on the screen. This is following replacement of hard drive. Holding C doesn't do anything, neither does CMD-SHFT-OPT-DEL-SCSI_ID. I dont even hear or get any activity on the CDROM. This is a working CDROM, use it all the time. What am I missing here? -John
  14. Unfortunately, a quick ebay search of those PCI SATA cards yielded nothing. Funny thing is I used to have one. From 2000 to 2010, I had a 400Mhz graphite G4 tower as my main machine for my business, I prided myself on using a 10 year old machine, in a last ditch effort, I got one of those PCI SATA cards, but shortly after the studio display died, and some of the canned caps were starting to go (the machine ran non-spot for most of those years), I ended up just throwing it out sometime in 2011. I'm going to buy a SCSI2SD v6 anyway for my Quadra 605 since I use that machine alot, and will be
  15. I'm evaluating my HDD options for an 8600, I want something newer that will last, here are the options I have come up with: SCSI2SD v6 New 80-pin SCA SCSI with an adapter down to 50-pin SATA to 40-pin PATA adapter + a PCI Card supporting PATA (though not sure if you can boot off that) I would assume the v5 SCSI2SD would be a bottleneck, but the specs of the v6 board might be enough, it claims up 10MB/s SYNC. The 80-pin SCA to 50-pin SCSI "should" work, its not going to be a "new" drive, but I could find a new old stock unit somewhere. The SCSI2SD v6 might be the best, just cu
  16. Does anyone offer this as a service? I know the internal cells of the battery can be sourced, but not willing to hack my battery myself.
  17. I'm debating getting a Quadra 700 in my collection as my main 040 machine, but I already have a Quadra 605 with the upgraded CPU with FPU. Given that, isn't it fair to say that two are about equal in performance? The only difference I can think of is the Quadra 700 can use a Nubus video, where as the 605 uses onboard video. Just curious.... -John
  18. So this is a bot odd, but... I have a color Connectix QuickCam that I am trying to use to setup a vintage Mac webcam. I was going to use a Quadra 605 but its not really fast enough for a decent video stream. So I decided to use the PM 8600. Its currently running 8.1, and when I connect the camera and install the software, the camera returns a completely garbled picture - all static. At first I thought I broke the camera or something but as soon as I connect back to my IIfx or Quadra 605 it works fine. Did the 8600 have a weird speed serial or something?
  19. I think the consensus is to complete it. It's not too hard to get the ram, there is some on eBay now (I myself have 4x 1mb I'm not using), there are numerous nubus video card options on eBay you can grab, and you can through a SCSI2SD in there. Now yes, you will need that special black terminator if you want to use a CD-ROM, but floppy is fine for basic installs. If it has good bones keep it
  20. The camera isnt much of a find, but the software is what I was really after. Both disks were clean, installed, and everything works. This is for the original Quickcams thats connected to the modem or printer port, and also the ADB port. I made disk images of them and will post to Macintoshgarden.org tomorrow.
  21. Can someone shed some light on these adapters? The one I have has 6 DIP switches (comp sync 1, comp sync 2, sync on V, sync on H, sep sync, sync on green). Amazingly, on the non-setting mode (all switches set to off), it worked for my IIfx (SuperMac Series IV video) with a modern 25" LCD display (most likely auto-sync). However, I've been trying to get it to work on some LC II like systems with onboard video, and nothing works... Sometimes I get "No Signal", other times I get out of range. Too many combinations to try them all, but it would help if I knew where to start. For exampl
  22. http://www.ebay.com/itm/128MB-EDO-72pin-SIMM-Ram-MEMORY-for-Amiga-Blizzard-1230IV-1230-IV-/181231652890?hash=item2a323f901a:g:Zf4AAOxydyxSTiDD Will this work in a LC 475? -John
  23. So I removed the extension since it wasnt doing anything. I have the SuperVideo control panel installed (v3 I think), but in the control panel there are only two options for on-screen commands, nothing relating to acceleration. However... If I go into the Monitors Control Panel, and click Options, thats open a special "SuperVideo" branded window that has many options, one is acceleration (On, CAPS Lock, Off). I tried running the video benchmark (Apple Personal Diagnostics) with acceleration on and off, and on gave much higher results, so it appears to be working. I'll try to post o
  24. So, I have a Spectrum Series IV (ROM v3) nubus card in my Mac IIfx, system 7.5. I downloaded the SuperPower/SuperVideo software, and installed the extension and control panel. The extension during boot-up shows a red X on it, but the control panel works, and I am able to use the mouse/on-screen commands (like changing bit depth). This card has Quickdraw acceleration, but how do I know its working? Also, why is the extension loading a red X on it? Thanks John
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