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  1. I've sourced (hopefully) compatible FPD cards from @beachycove (thank you again very much)! I have no idea of the pinout of the cable between the card and monitor, hopefully just straight through? Does anyone known if OSC2 needs to be populated on the SE/30 card?
  2. The way that the above Q&A is worded makes me think that they meant the 64/68 Hz models were the 15RAMX models, so I'm not sure. EDIT: It seems like this is my monitor: http://web.archive.org/web/19970626214615/http://www.radius.com/Support/TechWeb/Monitors/0041.html According to this, it does seem to be 64/68 Hz: http://archive.retro.co.za/mirrors/68000/www.vintagemacworld.com/radius/fpd6468.html
  3. Thanks! This one says "15RAM1" on the back for the model no. and it seems that I'd need to get an SE FPD card (I don't have a Plus). I wonder if it's possible to get it working with any SE/30 PDS card?
  4. Thanks a bunch, but it has a DB9 connector on the back so I'm guessing that'd be for a different monitor.
  5. Nabbed a Radius Full Page Display from a local surplus store. I don't have any card to test it with but I guess I'll be on the hunt for one now!
  6. Nope, see the datasheet for the MC68882 (specifically page 5-98/PDF page 3). The CPU and the MC68882 work fine together at different clock speeds.
  7. I got it to boot with this: https://www.macintoshrepository.org/23373-mac-os-9-2-2-boot-kit-for-booting-your-g3-g4-from-an-usb-stick The CD-ROM drive and hard drive are working perfectly fine. I installed OS 9.2.2 off of a CD while booted off of USB and the machine is working perfectly now. Weird.
  8. I took my iMac G3 out and it boots up to a blinking folder, but it won't boot anything. If I try to boot any CD I get a DEFAULT CATCH code 70, and it won't boot off of the disk either. I used my G5 and Target Disk Mode to install Tiger on the machine but it won't boot from that or find it in the option-key startup menu. I'm able to get directory listings off of CDs and the drive, but not boot into anything. It has a fresh PRAM battery and I've reset the PRAM multiple times.
  9. I'm unable to open either of these images.
  10. Sure, could you send us a picture of the ROM? You do Command+Option+P+R after you flip the computer on. It'll basically go into a reboot loop until you let go. Just let it reboot a couple of times and let go.
  11. To be clear, is this System 7.0/7.1/etc. and not 7.5? If the ROM has been upgraded, trying to boot 7.5+ will leave you stuck at "Welcome to Macintosh" if you don't do some ResEdit hacks first (see https://www.bigmessowires.com/mac-se30-with-upgraded-rom/).
  12. I can confirm I also get a Sad Mac trying the generated 7.5.5 on my SE/30. EDIT: 7.6.1 boots on my SE/30 but still just has "where_have_all_my_files_gone?"/is unable to read the HFS+ partition.
  13. I've had lots of problems installing System Software on the SCSI2SD v6 after it's been initialized with the patched HD SC Setup. After formatting the disk with Silverlining 5.8.3 instead, I've had no more issues of the sort. It'll easily fit on a floppy, I've attached a 1.44 MB disk image with 5.8.3 on it. You can write it on Windows with WinImage, or dd if="Silverlining.dsk" of=/dev/your_floppy_drive bs=84 skip=1 on *nix. I hope this helps anyone who sees this in the future. By the way, would you mind uploading the firmware he sent you? It might be useful for ot
  14. Ah, thanks. I have no idea how I missed that...
  15. I have an SE/30 here that randomly Checkerboards/SimasiMacs (if it hasn't been on for a while, it's pretty much guaranteed to be "fine" and boot up though). Here's a picture of one time it's done it: https://i.imgur.com/6kjM9nh.jpg Sometimes there are patterns that appear closer to SimasiMacs rather than just checkerboards. It seems to most frequently happen if I turn it off and back on again within a relatively short period of time. Sometimes it clears and continues booting (kind of). What I mean by that is that it'll go to the gray screen with a mouse cursor
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