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  1. A question for the hardcore collectors, Does replacing surface mount metal can electrolytic capacitors with surface mount solid state tantalum capacitors harm the collector value of a computer or part of a computer? Fact: Surface mount metal can electrolytic capacitors are prone to leaking their corrosive electrolytic solution onto the circuit board. Fact: Surface mount metal can electrolytic capacitors are substantially cheaper than solid state surface mount tantalum capacitors. Fact: Surface mount solid state tantalum capacitors last over 100yrs. Fact: Surface mount solid state t
  2. Has anyone tried replacing the two metal can electrolytic surface mount capacitors on the IIci cache card with tantalum equivalents?
  3. eBay is a good place to look. I don't have any myself right now but if I do I'll let you know.
  4. High voltage power supply is going bad. Common failure for CRT monitors. Very common for iMacs to have arcs as they get older (it's very bad on the whole computer to keep letting it arc. Buy a known good high voltage analog power supply for your iMac and swap it out.
  5. Further testing resulted in magic smoke on some surface mount transistors which put that Mac on the beyond repair broken but do not chop area. (It sits in the corner of shame)
  6. Ahh well see mine has been in storage for years faithfully waiting it's turn to be tested and refurbished. So it seems like I had the opposite happen, worked before storing and now is a fussy baby.
  7. It does but I hardly know which of the 100s of them to test...
  8. Which surface mount caps on the board do you recommend I test? No the monitor is a good working fixture monitor used to test macs with.
  9. I guess I'm going to have to scrap the mobo and sell the good parts, ugh I really wanted to add the 950 to my traveling museum.
  10. Yes, the banks are 2x2. I found some corrosion on pins of what I believe to be the frontside and backside bus chips, I tried cleaning them up and took high res up close photos to look and see if traces or pins were disconnected.
  11. Waiting even long results in the monitor flashing for a brief moment.
  12. New symptom, I left the quadra 950 on the I switch position but did not push the power button on the keyboard for a few minutes, when I did the speaker made a wimpy ping noise that faded out, almost like it tried to chime.
  13. Ok the +5v, +12v, and -12v are within range, the only concern is pin 13 (white) to DC Ground is 3.89 VDC (is this the trickle power for start?)
  14. I will do that, I assumed that because the drives spun up those are fine.
  15. Hello I have a quadra 950 that seems to be dead. The symptoms are, fans run, drives spin up, no boot chime, no display, reset and nmi do nothing, and keyboard pram reset does nothing. What I have done already in diagnosis, test the ram (they all passesd on my simmcheck), replace the processor, install VRAM, reset pram, use a different pram battery, both key switch positions, PPC upgrade card, no PPC upgrade card, Nubus video card, no Nubus video card, unplug everything except the power supply switch and speaker. If anyone has a suggestion on what might be wrong or what I can try or what I
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