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  1. Fixed the bad video line(s), good call! Huge shout out to the maintainers of the re-built schematic files at https://github.com/mishimasensei/macse30mlb; they came in super helpful! I'm guessing that corrosion from the cap that I replaced had damaged the traces under that chip. I guess I won't get away with a short little solder bridge for this broken trace... Only one line was out when first powered on, but after a few minutes the adjacent line went out as well. Unfortunately (fortunately?) all these traces are top-side, so big ugly top-side bodge wires it is! Now I'm on to the au
  2. I've got this SE/30 logic board that I re-capped today and it's still having some issues, would be curious if anyone has any troubleshooting tips for areas I should look at next. 1. No sound - no boot chime, etc. I haven't exhaustively tested this, however I suspect there's some sneaky issue on the logic board. The internal speaker is definitely connected, but I haven't swapped in my good board to verify the speaker is good. haven't tried the audio output jack yet... I'd be surprised if the speaker is bad, but I guess stranger things have happened. edit: maybe the old caps leaked u
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