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  1. So, the EtherPort SE is a PDS card, and I'm using the AUI port with a 10base-T transceiver (MAU), which is hooked into a 10/100/1000 managed switch. The processor is stock - no accelerators present. Disk cache at 128KB. I'm fairly certain the hardware is working fine, since I can sustain multi-megabyte transfers at ~60 KB/s using FTP. It's just AppleTalk (EtherTalk) that's terribly slow (10x slower). Software is System 7.1, MacTCP 2.0.6, AppleShare Workstation 3.5, and NSI 1.5.1.
  2. It's insufferably slow! I have an SE running 7.1 - 800k FDD, 4MB RAM, SCSI2SD with a 256mb microSD, and an (Excelan/Kinetics/Shiva) Etherport SE. I also have netatalk 2.2.4 set up on a Linux VM with EtherTalk/DDP enabled, and a Basilisk II instance running 7.5.3 on a Windows VM. AppleTalk to or from the SE is really slow. Like, 3-4 KB/s slow. I thought "well, probably the 8 MHz cpu" but then I tried the built-in FTP server in BetterTelnet - and files move at 50-60 KB/s! I'd really rather use EtherTalk for a couple reasons, obviously, preservation of the resource fork, but it's als
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