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  1. There's my problem. It's really hard to find ones that work in OS 8. I am sure he'd love to have the USB Keyboard as well, though. I'll try looking a little harder for the PCI cards.
  2. I am being asked to clean out, dispose of, or otherwise downsize our stash of stuff at my workplace. I have some odd cables I've come across that I know I have never used, and a USB cable I can't figure out. What would you have used an ADB to mini din-8 cable to do? One USB cable has me baffled. It has never been opened. One side has an "A" on it, it's male, and it's shaped almost exactly like a mini USB, but it has some kind of white shielding inside the plug. The other end, marked "B" is very much what I recognize as a male mini USB. Next, I have what appears to be a mini din-8 male t
  3. Thanks again. BMOW is out of stock right now, so I guess I will have to wait.
  4. Thanks! There would be just one keyboard and just one mouse plugged into it. Can the mouse be plugged into the USB hub on the keyboard, or does it have to be plugged directly into the Wombat?
  5. Has anyone got one of the ADB-USB Wombats? I have a guy who is using a beige G3 who would kill for an optical mouse. Not only that, working ADB keyboards are not easy to find any more, and being able to plug a USB keyboard into a IIsi would surely make life easier.
  6. Nah, that's a little beyond my current expertise.
  7. I an pretty sure I have those too. I got at least one of them re-capped.
  8. Oh, I have those. I pulled them out when the mother boards showed no signs of life.
  9. I know that at least one of these have been re-capped (the one with the empty SGRAM slot). The other may have been as well, I don't see any of those leak prone capacitors on it. But, the photos below are what I have, and another piece broke off of the case when I was opening it!
  10. I have two desktop beige G3s. The cases are breaking down, and every time I open them, something breaks off. One has a motherboard that appears to be non-functional, I can't get it do anything, although the power supply, the RAM, PCI cards, and everything I had in there appears to be good. I do not know if the other is functional. I've stripped them of everything but the MBs. I don't have the equipment or the expertise to test traces and voltages. Since I am preparing to retire from this job, I have been encouraging the move to Sawtooth G4s. Is there any value in these MBs, or should I j
  11. FWIW, I know you said you checked your ethernet cable and are sure it works, BUT IIRC, very old ethernet was fussy...really fussy...and sometimes would only work with a "crossover" cable. Auto-switching wasn't a thing at the very beginning, and we had to buy specific crossover cables for the few Macs we weren't plugging into outlets wired to the hub or plugging directly into our patch panel. If you are plugging directly from your Mac into your ethernet device, this could be the issue.
  12. I think I understand what you are telling me. It just makes me curious why the IIsi's, having identical set-ups, are chugging along like champs. I am only having issues with the IIci. If I understand correctly, a IIsi is pretty much a scaled down IIci. If there is more to it, I would love to know the hows and whys.
  13. Yes, we have had all of our II series Macs recapped. If the 12v line is the one with the molex cable power cable, than yes, the SCSI2SD is using the 12 v line. I can't get it to work correctly with out it, although some folks have reported that the SCSI cable delivers enough juice to power the card. I have not found that to be applicable to my machines. They all need a molex cable with an adapter plugged into the socket on the board.
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