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  1. I have no idea. The part number says 680-5017-B. This computer had been cycled out before I started working here in July of 1992.
  2. I will be retiring soon, and it was decided that this would be a good time for me to clean out our storage areas. The goal was to catalog, recycle, sell or discard old software and hardware that no longer has any usefulness to the business. Some of this stuff has been with the company longer than I have. Like an Apple II system disk, and a couple of disks for a IIvx... and oh yeah, a 5.25" floppy that is pristine but unlabeled. I've got original install disk sets for Color Stylewriters, Claris Macwrite II, SAM 4.5, NUM 3.8, and a whole bunch of other stuff for slightly younger classic OS l
  3. I noticed there were only pieces and parts for sale on ebay. And yes, the plastic-itis took out two G3 desktop units I had set aside as spares. Every time I opened the cases something would break off. I was amazed that this 7200 was not falling apart when I opened it to take a look inside. I was even more amazed that it wasn't that nasty yellow color they tend to get.
  4. The 7200 is a 120. There isn't anything very interesting inside it. Nothing in the PCI slots. It isn't even really discolored.
  5. I managed to pull one off without breaking it.
  6. I did a better inventory last night. I have 3 PM 7100, 1 PM 7200, and 1 PM 7500. The 7200 and the 7500 both have 3 PCI expansion slots. That makes them a little more useful. I am going to put them both up on the trading post later, after I unwrap them and get some of the other specifics off of them. Even though the area they've been stored in is really dusty, the machines are remarkably clean. This is the video card I pulled out of the 7100 I opened up. We've kept them wrapped up in bags, so they didn't get as dirty as they could have.
  7. Yes, that's exactly what I pulled out of the 7100. I misspoke when I said it was a VGA connector. But, with an adapter (of which we have at least a dozen, not for sale) hooks right up to a VGA monitor.
  8. No, they're pretty discolored. It's VERY noticeable since a large part of the cover appears to be powder coated steel.
  9. Okay, help me out and describe exactly what you are looking for. Not sure what HPV means, and the removable Video Card in the 7100 I opened up has a VGA connector on it. It also has what looks to be a DVI connector built onto the motherboard. I'll have to get the 7200 out and see what exactly it is.
  10. I'm not sure it would be worth the cost of shipping across the pond.
  11. I've installed SCSI2SDs in my IIsi and IIci dependent machines. They aren't without their own hiccups and issues. I've had a very difficult time Getting SCSI2SD to work correctly in my G3s, and my G4s don't even want to recognize them. Our Old 7100s and 7200s don't really have anything interesting installed. I think the video cards were standard. Knowing how difficult it is to find NUBUS cards, I'm not sure too many people would be interested in taking on a machine that doesn't have any "oomph" installed. I mean, the installed AAUI interface is only good for 10BaseT. To do better, you n
  12. I have a couple of old 7100 and 7200 units gathering dust. I've gotten permission to evaluate them for disposal, and I was wondering if it is worth my time to pull anything besides the SCSI drives out of them. I did some research and saw that these are not the most desirable machines due to the NUBUS expansion and various other factors. Is it worth the time and effort to pull the CD ROM, the floppy drive, or anything else out?
  13. There's my problem. It's really hard to find ones that work in OS 8. I am sure he'd love to have the USB Keyboard as well, though. I'll try looking a little harder for the PCI cards.
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