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  1. I haven't added anything to my arsenal in a while and I found myself bored and browsing listings on everybody's favorite auction site. Not being overly optimistic, I threw a $10 bid at an as-is Centris 610. Incredibly surprised, there wasn't a single bid against me - I won and it showed up yesterday. In the auction photos, the case looked to be in pretty great shape, a bit dirty, no rusting on the ports. Upon receiving it, there's a very tight crack on the front corner - I thought it was a scratch until I removed the cover. I checked for a leaky PRAM battery or any other obvious signs that I s
  2. Exactly! Not exactly a common thing, and those external enclosures always seem to be extremely expensive!
  3. A friend of mine reached out while I was out of town for WWDC and sent me a picture of some Mac hardware that he was looking to give to a new home. Needless to say, his house was one of the first places I went when I got back. In the picture, I saw a pre-Quicksilver G4 and a 6100-series Power Mac with display and external hard drive. For some reason I've wanted a Digital Audio G4 for quite a while, and I thought it would be nice to have alongside my Cube. I was happy to see this was one, the dual 533MHz model. After a wipe down and interior cleaning, I powered it up and immediately cringed
  4. I did some installs on beige hardware and my experience was that it was a wee bit particular about the optical drive. It has been a while since I've tinkered with it as well.
  5. I've seen, and it amazes me! 4 unsupported OS releases is rather impressive. I might have attempt it just for grins.
  6. As the subject says, I'm now the proud owner of a Mac Pro 1,1. A friend of mine picked one up from a work auction and decided it would be something I would appreciate. 250GB HDD, 13GB RAM and a Radeon HD 5770! I noticed the graphics card when I was loading it into the car - definitely not stock. I was rather excited to bring it home since I wasn't sure what exactly what model I was dealing with. It looks like that graphics card goes for more on eBay than he paid for the entire box, so that's something. Parts for fun upgrades are inexpensive so I may grab a few things and see where we end u
  7. We used to have this happen in a previous job of mine. A few of my users referred to it as the "turn signal." Anything I looked it during that time pointed to bad inverter boards, seems to be a fairly common failure with those displays.
  8. Mine too! We had it in my 5th grade classroom and it was always a good day when we got to play it. Sadly, our IIe had a monochrome monitor so some of the keys proved to be a challenge. The teacher across the hall had a color monitor (and a Platinum IIe) and I was very jealous of how good Wheel of Fortune looked on it.
  9. I snagged a 5.25" drive and now we're really in business! I can't wait to move so I can get this Mac on a proper desk.
  10. A good friend of mine since me a box of goodies - does that still count as a conquest? The contents? Various compact flash cards to be used for my various IDE to CF projects Newton OS 2.0 CD-ROM and a bit of documentation An original iSight camera 2 ADB to USB adapters An 8-inch floppy disk* ...and last but not least, a working Apple IIe Compatibility Card! The same friend gave me a cable for the malfunctioning card that I have a couple of years ago but of course, I couldn't use it until now! I'll be looking for the correct 5.25" floppy drive next. I also found out why my previou
  11. Wonder why that would be? They all use the same connection. Seems odd. I don't recall which model I used with mine but it definitely wasn't my Multiple Scan 15.
  12. I've heard the stories about them but totally forgot! I'm definitely feeling more and more pleased about this purchase. I was extremely glad to get a case that was intact and not cracked or falling apart in some way. I peeked around for a 600MHz logic board but I'm not going to go too crazy just yet. I would certainly be interested in bumping it up if the right parts came around. I have a white 600MHz iBook (8MB graphics there as well) so it would be nice to have the iMac surpass that.
  13. I love the Pro speakers. I remember my friends getting an iMac G4 in college and how amazed I was by the sound quality. I still kick myself for not buying one of the Griffin iFire adapters so I could use a set with my iBook.
  14. I was the only bidder on a recent eBay auction for a Flower Power iMac G3. I got a push notification that the auction was ending in 15 minutes and still had no bids. The listing didn't go into a ton of detail about the specs on the machine, but it looked great in the photos and the seller has great feedback. I didn't think I'd win, but here we are! It arrived Saturday morning and by evening I got it unboxed, powered up and decided to see what my lucky bid got me. To start, it felt like opening a time capsule. It looks like it was powered off for the last 10 years, with the last few documen
  15. I think I have one of those FlexView LCDs still in storage from a T40/42 that had a fried motherboard, if you're interested.
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