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  1. OK, so G4 Ti DVI has arrived Nice cosmetical condition, very, very minor paint loss (a few 1 mm spots). Works like a dream at 1920x1080, a real pleasure to see OS 9 at this resolution, especially that its elements (menus, fonts) are normally more compact than the ones in OS X. Seller wrote in description that battery was dead, but after a few hours it started to charge and now it is capable of holding charge for about 3 hours and has only 39 cycles Seems like typical deep discharge and lack of use of li-ion cells - they need some time under power to resurrect Anyway quite lovely Powerboo
  2. Got it! In nice working condition 667 MHz DVI version. I already have my Photoshop 6, Office 2001 and Tiger discs ready, but I have to wait for shiping from Germany http://www.ebay.de/itm/221575891021?_trksid=p2059210.m2750.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Not an easy task, but with PB G4 I can patiently wait Yes, that would be something really exceptional And pairing old Mac and software with modern LCD is a real pleasure to experience
  3. Oh, it became quite lenghty during my absence, so I'll try to answer in one longer mail Elfen - it is Lombard aka "Bronze keyboard" G3 version that I was thinking about. I want choosen machine to run OS9 natively. SCSI is rather not needed as I have in my PC (ironic, isn't it?). And yes, I was in touch with J English Smith (very nice person BTW), but he has only one 1400cs/117 left with FDD only. And I was afraid about eventual system reinstall, as I don't have any Mac with FDD drive (I have one USB, but with Mavericks on MBP it is possible only to use diskettes in R/O mode...). And of cro
  4. Yes, a strange topic indeed. I'm looking for a good PB capable of running Classic OS. I was trying to find nice, small 1400 (my first portable Apple) but in Europe it is difficult. But I can see some G3 and G4 Ti showing here and there from time to time. Not an easy decision which to choose - G3 is more durable, G4 is faster, better suited for eventual use of OSX. And hence my questions to users of G3 Lombard and G4 DVI (2002) users: 1. Are they capable of using 1920x1080 resolution on external monitor? 2. Is there any difference in daily OS 9 performance between them? 3. Is above partic
  5. As I said - 50 to 80 adapter would be quite cumbersome to mount and it would require some hassle with proper bus termination. Get ATTO SE IV and you can easily connect any modern, 68-pin LVD drive + LVD cable for cheap. As a bonus you'll get about 2x performance of builtin SCSI. To write Mac disks on the PC you can try this method: http://macfaq.org/software/macos.shtml#Q1.1.6 And Quadra 610 should have AAUI ethernet port - all you need to connect it to your home networ is proper (and again cheap) adapter - probably the one for twisted pair cable. They are popular and easy to spot on e
  6. Yes, Quadra uses 50-pin SCSI. Adapters mentioned by me are nuBus cards - Quadra 610 probably needs NuBus adapter to use them (unless you already have it inside Quadra). With either of these cards you'll achieve about 2x performance compared to builtin SCSI and you'll be able to connect newer, faster, quiter disks. These cards you can buy for instance here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=160143538011
  7. Yes, it did. But we must remember that LVD drives require external quality termination and that can become problematic. Sometimes it is just better to buy for about 10$ ATTO Silicon Express IV or FWB Jackhammer with wide, 68 pin sockets and cheap, terminated LVD cable - as a bonus we'll get much better disk performance
  8. Charlieman, these are good news indeed I was thinking about getting a LCD monitor for my Quadra 800 - I was just afraid of problems with sync on green. I have Precisioncolor Pro 24x and Thunder II GX cards - at least one of them should work then properly with LCD
  9. Yes, let us know I'd love to hook a LCD monitor to my Quadra with Radius od Supermac card, but AFAIK all of these cards use sync on green only signal. It is not easy to find a CRT monitor working with this kind of synchronisation not to mention LCD That's why probably david__schmidt got slightly washed picture - this means too strong G signal, I've got similar results when connecting not sync-on-green aware Samsung CRT - black levels were... well... gray Most Sony's CRTs are capable of working with this kind of sync. Do really all NuBus graphics cards are capable only of syncing on green?
  10. I found this in manual of Adaptec 2940: I hope it will be helpful enough
  11. Why challenge? I just removed small metal plate from the left side of upper chassis and it created perfect pass through for even quite stiff LVD cable
  12. Yup, NuBus ethernet cards are common and cheap on eBay US. I have bought Farallon PN590a (recognized by 7.5.5 without additional drivers) for 0,99$ Don't be afraid of duty and taxes. All ware under 22 Euro of value is duty free according to EU regulations.
  13. Well, 67 MB/s achieved by my Ultra 3 SCSI disk is merely half of PCI transfer capabilities (133 MB/s). Why does IDE disk have lower transfer rates - I don't know, perhaps it is my Barracuda 40 GB taken from G4 MDD that is slower, but I don't have other modern IDE disks to test them with Tempo Ultra ATA 66, but judging after results that I got from modern Serial ATA disk in G5 - (WD2000JS - about 50 MB/s according to Xbench), it seems that Ultra 3 SCSI wins. But if you're pointing to my previous reply on ATA-133 vs. SCSI 160 speed, I can only say that real world disk <-> controller trans
  14. Will (a) solution pass IP packets? Is it stable in real use? Unfortunately ( won't pass IP packets according to Asante so there's no use of this bridge for internet access
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