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  1. If it ran on a 120, I'd use it. That'd give a purpose to my Newton that's sat on a shelf for the past couple of years.
  2. From the card. It works on a 7100 with a different Sonnet card and no drivers, but not on the 6100.
  3. No, I do not. I have a 7100 with a Sonnet card and a video card hooked to it and it boots up fine, it just can't use the acceleration. And that's with no driver.
  4. When you turn it on, wait for it to chime, and quickly shut it off and back on. It bypasses the need for a PRAM battery to be able to display video in certain models.
  5. The Powertoggle works with a normal slot adapter and AV video card, but not with my Sonnet upgrade card and the same video card. It chimes fine with the Sonnet card, but I get no video. Any ideas on what I can do about this? Do I HAVE to have a PRAM battery to use the Sonnet upgrade?
  6. No clue, haven't had a chance to check anything yet. I have one 17" monitor here and need to dig up my DB15 to VGA adapter. I think I have a mouse or two somewhere, but I have no keyboards...gotta try to find one that didn't get damaged in the house fire. I'm not sure if all the machines will work with the adapter, and my Apple monitors are all melted.
  7. LC LC Performa 6115CD Performa 6115CD Centris 650 7100/66 w/Sonnet 7100/66 w/unknown accelerator 7600/132 w/Sonnet Quadra 660AV 9600/300 9600/233 9600/200 w/Sonnet 6100/60av damaged case G3/233 AIO Mobo I'm looking to keep an LC, 7100, 660AV, and 9600, but most of the rest may be up for grabs soon as I just don't have room.
  8. Unfortunately, not all of them, as we learnt in another thread here a little while ago. Some, perhaps as a result of a different subcontractor's board production, did use rectangular 4.5V alkaline Rayovac-style batteries. de Oh, I didn't know that. My color classic uses the 3.6v which means I'd have to pay $15 at Radio Shack to get one. If it used the 4.5V I would've made one already. I did that on a 636CD a long time ago. I made a battery holder out of an old cheapo 3 AA flashlight.
  9. I did? I paid nothing for mine, and I'm keeping it because it's cool.
  10. I got my CC free because it didn't boot due to the dead clock battery. Instead of buying a battery ($15 at Radio Shack) I just threw in a Performa 550 motherboard and a 4GB Apple logo 50 pin HD. It's a lot more powerful than when it was stock. I can't see why someone would pay that kind of money for one... I'm not selling mine though.
  11. It's just an IRC channel. Get over it, people.
  12. You really think that's bad? I've dealt with much worse. At least they don't try to mess with your IRL life. I left there because I was sick of it. Not because of Aeroraptor, techfury90, etc, because they have nothing against me. I left due to the pure stupidity that other people had brought into the channel. Also how some people were asking for help on upgrading/repairing things that weren't worth the money they would've had to put into them. You tell me what the point is in trying to fix a 15 year old printer that never printed decently to begin with or spending around $50 to hook
  13. Whoa, wait. You're saying that people who decided to join a forum at a different time than others is like people who were born different? There's a difference between something that you did and something that you have no control over. What you said doesn't make sense.
  14. It's not just people from the IRC channel that are causing the forum to go downhill. Imo, it'll never be as good as it was before the crash. I'll probably end up leaving too. I haven't really posted here much in the past couple months anyways.
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