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  1. I found a slightly higher-res version: http://www.manzzana.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/2204464029_031477491d_b.jpg
  2. I had that happen to a screen when I had some PB1xx systems. If I am not mistaken it is screen rot and is unrepairable.
  3. Well, one of my ideas, for example: Using a Gameboy to emulate a serial LCD (HD44780 or a graphic controller) via the serial port, and also pass button presses. This would be a cheap way to get a display and UI for various microcontroller projects. It should be possible to do that in the 256k of onboard memory so you wouldn't have to use a flash cart. That would be amazing. Someone please do this
  4. Nice score, I got a ][gs back in june but haven't been able to use it (TVs make terrible composite monitors). The one time I did use it, the power supply was making noises.
  5. *rabble rabble rabble* Let's just lock this topic and call it a day.
  6. Make a wiki page and link to that. I might just do that, but I think a new wiki account, new page, text of that page, and a link to the page would take up more database space than an extra few characters in my signature.
  7. Yeah, I don't like this new limit, my sig is about 270 characters and it's already quite compact, what happens when I want to add a machine to the list?
  8. Doom II, but I also have Doom I. If you want to play it with me we can schedule a time.
  9. Convert the keyboard to a dvorak or colemak layout for added originality.
  10. Ooh, I'm gonna play Doom sometime on the retrochallenge server.
  11. Nice find! I have 2 B&Ws but only one is in working order (I stripped the other one for the most part). They really are great computers, especially for free, I got mine at the local college, curb scores are non-existent here AFAIK.
  12. Not exactly sure whether you'd call these unusual but here goes: -Original HP Vectra (PC Semi-compatible from 1985) -An e-Reader for my Gameboy advance (the card reader where you could tediously read a tiny program by scanning around 10 barcodes) -A still-functional (AFAIK) Game Genie for my original Gameboy -A still-functional (AFAIK) Game Genie for my (broken) NES. -All sorts of other peripherals for that old NES including a power pad.
  13. That's still my main keyboard on the Mac mini. I typed out some code updates for my site last evening with it. Well they are small, have missing keys, and the one I have is hard to use as a hub since it requires excessive force to plug anything into it. Otherwise they aren't that bad, I'd just rather be using my pro keyboard.
  14. Today I dropped by the local college with a friend and checked out the free computer stuff (for the *I've lost count* time) and got: -Farallon AAUI to BASE10 ethernet adapter (my second one) -Modem Port to female DB-9 serial. I'm really intrigued by this one, is this essentially a null modem cable or is it something else? -PC-Card to BASE10 ethernet adapter, probably going to use this on the Armada 1750 And for the record my friend found: -a very long ethernet cable -original Apple USB keyboard (the ones that I don't like) -and a fairly large (17"-ish) CRT monitor Not a ter
  15. Probably not, but whether anyone is going to code it is questionable. As for NouveAUX or whatever it is, let's make it.
  16. IIRC we used to be able to put smilies in our sigs. Another case of "disable the source of a nonexistent problem," eh?
  17. Another compromise idea: Instead of the time limit imposing how long you have to make changes to your post, make it be how long you have before you can edit your post, and make it longer, like a few hours. That way mods will have time to hunt down "hit n' runs" before they are edited.
  18. I have to agree with Scott and say that it was perfectly fine before the limit was imposed, but the admins didn't "leave it be," did they?
  19. Why, wouldn't it be better to make a new member group w/o the edit privileges and put anybody that abuses the privilege in that group?
  20. That's why we need a server that parses all the big-bad stuff and outputs the html to our macs. Don't they have something like that?
  21. The feeling is mutual, I don't like some members of "Camp A" because they come off as extremely rude and pushy. But yes, I suppose agree with you, it's not the forum, it's the people. We are the forum, in a sense.
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