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  1. The 400k drive is probably worth more than the machine itself. Those drives are almost unobtainium. I spent years looking for one for my 128k and the best I was able to score is one that was untested and may or may not work.
  2. I have that "album" (two songs) on cassette tape . . .
  3. And it actually arrived, which is like a bonus if you're dealing with the USPS these days.
  4. And on backorder with no expected ship date.
  5. I don't think it's a matter of abuse; just standard wear from opening and closing it. I have two that have working displays, but I've been hesitant to use them until I get the hinge springs fixed. The display cable is not easily replaced or repaired, so best to prevent it from getting sliced. Also, the battery packs can be rebuilt. The eMates are fun, especially if you have two, or at least an eMate and another Newton, as you can beam things from one device to another. Everything is wireless these days but, back then, beaming was the thing.
  6. Don't know about the 1400, but here is a site with info on doing the hinge repair on an eMate 300: http://www.inventors-emporium.co.uk/pages/newton-emate-hinge.html Basically, you want to fix the hinge spring before it comes out from under the screws and slices the display cable.
  7. You may also want to do a (hopefully pre-emptive) hinge repair.
  8. I read somewhere that lithium may be the next thing in short supply.
  9. Well, dang. I ordered the caps and some were on backorder. They were expected to be in stock on 5/13. I figured that wasn't too bad. So, today, I go look to check the status and my order still hasn't shipped yet. Checked on the backorder and the caps that were expected to be in stock on 5/13 are now expected to be in stock on 6/29. And I just got a new soldering iron (with temperature control) yesterday so was kind of eager to get at least one machine recapped.
  10. Or, no, I'm not. Forgot I can't edit my posts on this forum.
  11. Yes. Thanks! I'm going to update the original post.
  12. What's involved in inkjet printer restoration? Experience and a quick search reveals four main problems: 1) Rubber rollers may dry out causing feed problems 2) Plastic parts may deteriorate and break 3) Old ink may be dried out or otherwise clogging print heads 4) Finding new, compatible ink cartridges may be a problem Are there any others? As far as solutions, perhaps recoating rollers with fresh rubber or maybe silicon may be a remedy? At least in the rollers I've seen, they tend to be small, so it seems a possible sol
  13. My PowerMac 7500 has a PCI USB/FireWire card in it. Might be a KeySpan but I don't remember for certain. Came in a clear, red and yellow box. It is dual-boot. System 8.1 on the primary internal drive and System 9.1 on the external drive, which later became an internal after the external case's power supply burned out. USB and FireWire would work on both. But USB (maybe FireWire too, but I don't recall using FireWire as often) was always a little dodgy under System 8.1. Worked, but would sometimes hang, be very slow or lock up. Works better under system 9.1.
  14. Hello, Does anyone know if this adapter would work? https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/mean-well-usa-inc/GSM40A07-P1J/7703550 Specs: Voltage - Input: 80 ~ 264 VAC Voltage - Output: 7.5V Current - Output (Max): 5.34A No Load Power Consumption: 100mW (Max) Polarization: Positive Center Output Connector: Barrel Plug, 2.1mm I.D. x 5.5mm O.D. x 11.0mm Power (Watts): 40 W Thanks!
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