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  1. Pretty sure mine is a Rage128. I kind of recall seeing 128 on the board. I don't think it fits in the three larger slots. At least it didn't seem to line up right with them when I had it out. I'll try again when I open it up again. I did find that I have another Rage128 card in another machine that has no RAM and a disconnected hard drive. So, I can try that card too, although I have no way of know if that card is any good, unless it would happen to work.
  2. Received replacement battery today. New battery made no difference. Still boots, still no video. Even zapped the PRAM to be sure. The video card only fits in one slot. I removed and inspected it. No signs of anything leaking, no signs of anything burnt out, broken or missing. I placed it back in, making sure it was firmly seated. Started again and still no video.
  3. Sometimes it's not heat, though in this case I think it probably was. Years ago, I had set clear fishing lures (worms) on top of a plastic case. Then forgot about them. Who knows how many years later and they had basically melted into the case. That is, the worms were fine, but they left a worm-shaped indentation in the case.
  4. Way too close to a heat source. Had a plumber do something like that once. Not to a Mac, fortunately. He had his blowtorch in-hand and on and was talking. He was the type that talked with his hands . . .
  5. Kintsugi. If one wishes to go with that philosophy, the pry marks could be filled with a plastic mixed with gold powder to highlight them.
  6. I have a couple with what I thought were mild pry marks. If your examples are considered mild, I guess mine are almost non-existent. You could possibly use a plastic filler (and then press into it with a mouse or other case piece that has the same texture) but the color will almost certainly not match, especially as the case continues to age.
  7. No. Made sure it was still seated properly but otherwise have left it where it's been. No. Yes. It boots. There's just no video.
  8. It's a Sony Trinitron display. Same one it's been connected to since day one.
  9. Best I've found is that 1.2Ah (1200mAh) is the one to go with.
  10. So, the service guide says to take out the SDIMMS and logic board and all sorts of stuff. Meanwhile, a post on another forum says to replace the battery. Given that replacing the battery is by far the easiest thing to do, that would seem to be the first thing to try. However, given that I have no replacement battery, I need to get one. Where I normally order such things, they no longer carry them. I can get a 1/2 AA battery elsewhere, but does the mAh or Ah of the battery matter? The service guide is mute on that subject. And are Tadiran (purple) ones okay? I forget which brand is the
  11. So, I was going to ask for recommendations for a display for a Blue & White G3. I booted it up so I could see what resolution I ran it at so I could get a display that would work at that same resolution. Except that I booted it up, and nothing shows up on the display. I know it's booting. I know it finishes booting. And I can shut it down by pressing the power button on the keyboard and hitting "Return" to confirm shutdown. Tried turning it on and off, cutting off power, letting it sit both powered and unpowered before powering up again, etc. Nothing. Display works. Cab
  12. FWIW, I used to run an SE/30 as a server. It did not have a screensaver. I kept the brightness all the way to black on the display when I didn't need to use it. I don't remember how many years I ran it that way. Needs a recap now but the screen (last I checked) is still good.
  13. Nothing to contribute here either. Just posting my appreciation for pics and info as well. I'm sure mine will need to be worked on in the not too distant future, so I appreciate having this info handy. Hopefully you solve the current issues so others, like me, will be able to avoid whatever the cause is.
  14. That would be my guess, since the rainbow effect is different in the two photos. I'm looking at the copyright symbol area of the About box. In the top photo, the copyright symbol is in an orange-y part of the rainbow. In the bottom photo, the copyright symbol area is in a blue-white portion of the screen.
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